Hyperhidrosis and bromohidrosis getting me down, any advice?

I've suffered with hyperhidrosis and bromohidrosis for years, I've had botox twice in the past which has worked wonders but obviously wears off. I hope to ask my gp for a referral for a further both session, but in the mean time, I'm getting more and more embarrassed by my conditions. Does anyone have an advice for limiting the amount of sweating but also cleaning clothes afterwards? I use antibacterial soap and clinimed to help and use dettol antibacterial wash in my laundry but still struggle to clean everything.

Any advice?

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  • I've got some stuff called SWEAT BLOCK. Only used it for a week or so and the weather got cold. It certainly helped my facial sweating. I got it on Amazon. You dab t h e tissue on the parts you sweat a lot and it stops it. about £14 for eight weeks supply. Try it.

  • Thank you I'll take a look! I've tried aluminum preparations in the past that work brilliantly but alas I'm allergic to them 😣

  • Ah I think this has aluminium in. I do hope you find something. I have just facial sweating so it helped. Good luck.

  • Yeah I looked it does unfortunately. Thank you anyway, and I'm glad it helped you 😊

  • Sadly doesn't work for everyone, its rubbish with underarm sweating :(

  • I've just bought SWEAT BLOCK it's tissues and you use one a week, plotting in the affected areas ,only tried two so far. I only have facial area sweating but it helped.

  • Sorry,just realised I've already contacted you.

  • That's ok, thank you 😊

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