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Can anyone help me???

I have been suffering with lesions that turn black on my skin for around 2-3 months now. They are not itchy and do not cause any discomfort. I have been to see 10 doctors who have prescribed me with every anti fungal, you can imagine aswell as antibiotics and anti viral medication. To add salt the wound my doctor also refused to referee me to see a dermatologist. I though I was at my wits end with this condition until, I spoke with a locum doctor who claims he was a skin specialist. He told me that he thought my condition was an acute disease called PLEVA also known as Pityriasis lichenoides. I have never heard of the disease before and neither have any of my local doctors. That might be the reason why they have refuse to look into my condition further.

After weeks of asking I was able to persuade my doctor to referee me to see a dermatologist . Since seeing the skin specialist my condition has worsen, I now have lesions everywhere including small spot like rashes that look very similar to chicken pox. This is absolutely destroying my confidence and lifestyle. I do not go out anywhere or visit my friends and family because I am worried that I might have an infectious condition.

Can anyone help me find out any treatment for this condition or know what I have?

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I am sorry I cannot offer any practical help but just want you to know that I hope one day you will find a GP and skin specialist who can help you to find a way to manage the condition.


Have a look at the above which site I know GP's recommend for us to look at, it tells you in detail about this skin complaint.

Good Luck with seeing your Gp about it,


Keep pestering Robin, it's the only way to get answers. Dermnet in New Zealand has an excellent site on skin issues, have a look:


Thank you all for the help.


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