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Best cover for...rosacea

Hi guys!

I am a fully trained makeup artist, specialising in camouflage makeup and false eyelash application for chemotherapy.

Suffering from rosacea myself, i initially found it impossible to strike the balance of coverage and smooth texture. My rosacea is in the 'butterfly' style (sounds cute at least!) and - so far - without texture,thread veins or spots.

I find using a green toned moisturiser (hypoallergenic!) as a base works really well first of all. If anyone would like names of brands I can happily recommend. Follow this with a mineral foundation using a big kabuki brush (fluffy but flat on top) and keep buffing away. Mineral powders are generally just crushed pearl that's baked into a solid round. The mineral aspect means a. They won't clog your pores (you could even sleep in it, although I wouldn't recommend it! Cleansing is key with his condition) and b. Even though they are powder, if you keep buffing in circular motions it can break down the 'powdery' effect to give you lovely fresh glowy skin and just the right amount of coverage. Skin should look like skin! This technique works great on acne too.

I'm new to this forum so I don't want to name brands in case that's not allowed, but let me know if anyone would like more advice. I've worked with tons of conditions and disfigurements, and love to help give advice wherever possible. Please note that I am self employed and do not endorse any brands! Just here to help :)


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Thanks a lot, motherfunk. This is very useful!

Do you have any tips for covering scars?



Hi shell!

Thanks for the comment. I've just done a blog post on scars following your comment. It might not target the specific scars that you're dealing with or want to know about, but please let me know and I can definitely help you out.

Take care :)


Hello Motherfunk - interesting name, by the way!

I'd be very interested to hear more about covering rosaea. I've suffered for about 4 years now and have extremely sensitive skin so finding the right make up can be tricky. I particularly need to keep my embarrasing red nose under wraps! Any hints or tips gratefully received!


Hi pam,

Thanks for your message. What products are you using at the moment?

The nose is such a nightmare! From my own experience, looking like rudolph in summer isn't a good look! :) thankfully there are a few options...

One of my experiences with redness on the nose came with a side of open pores and blackheads. I know there are varying degrees of rosacea, and pustules/bumps/pores are a common ailment. Rosacea is your barrier function in the skin weakening, so what you want to do is reinforce this barrier without blocking or clogging.

If you do suffer with pores, a good natural remedy is one you can make at home!

This step is great as a prep for your nose as I know it's a hard surface to work with!

As a natural moisturiser I would stick to something like aloe Vera depending on how sensitive your skin is. There is a product on the market by a company called chantecaille that has a property in it called cellusoothe. The brand is very natural and good for sensitive skin. The cellusoothe in particular is a revolutionary concept that stops redness before it appears, works on any kind of redness from menopause to rosacea. This is just a suggestion if your really wanting something very effective that 'treats' rather than just soothes. It's bloody pricey though, so I can definitely vouch for good old aloe as an alternative! Here's a link if you are interested.


As your make up you need a hypoallergenic, non-comodegenic foundation powder with spf. Laura mercier is fab in my opinion, and I've heard great things about bare minerals. Using a foundation puff/sponge you want to 'roll' it over your nose. Really press it over in a wave motion and this should cover, yet keep the appearance of skin.

Only do the mask every so often, but moisturiser and use the rolling techniques for the foundation and hopefully this should have good results.

Let me know if you have anymore queries, and if these options work for you :)



Hi Joanna.

Many thanks for the reply. Sorry for the delay, it's been a bad 2 months and I won't bore you with the details.

Anyway, I'm using Liz Earle products at the moment - superskin moisturiser and a little of the foundation. It seems ok and I've now got a course of antibiotics from the doctor so that's helping to clear up the worst of it. Well, the rashes on my cheeks have improved with the tablets and my nose to a certain respect but I still need to use a little make up to cover it.

Many thanks for taking the time to reply and for the tips.



Hi ya, I'm 26 and I've had Rosacea for the last year. I've been really struggling with what products to buy to cover it as so far the foundations that I use aren't covering the red and most days my cheeks be so dry that nothing goes on right :( I'm just so embarrassed lately and would love any help. Thanks


Hello, we don't currently have any rosacea case studies so if anyone who suffers from the skin condition wants to help us raise awareness of it that would be great. Please get in touch by emailing press@britishskinfoundation.org.uk to find out more. Thank you!


Hi. Can I please have some more information? Thanks


Hi mother funk,

I found what you had to say about finding the best coverage for Rosaea very helpful

I would be so greatful if you could give me the names of the brands I might be able to use to cover the Rosaea on my cheeks.

Thanks Dechen 1


Hi motherland, I have been recently diagnosed with rosacea, and I have facial redness and would like your advice on the best products to buy to camouflage my facial redness, I'm male, don't know if that makes a difference, any help would be appreciated, thank you. Regards J11m1.


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