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Acne problem. Please help me πŸ˜”

Hi! Im Kurt from the Philippines tho im not from UK I've signed up here because I want some advice and help about acne. I have acne when I was 13 yrs old I always did everything just to have an acne free face and back I bought some product that claims to stop acne but all failed my last hope is a acne treatment from a dermatologist but this is the real problem we cant afford. Everytime I go outside I always bow down my head just to hide this acne it makes me avoid people especially if those are not my friends because I do think while we're talking they thinking of what happened to my face my self confidence drops. I bought acne products that say it can make your acne go away since I want to get rid of it I easily bite to there marketing strategy (also this is the only treatment I can afford, such a waste actually) I suffered acne for 7 yrs I follow everything from diet to acne capsules almost everything cheap that I can buy. I always ask my mom for money to treat this but they always say it will eventually go which I know they always say that to build my confidence that this acne will be gone soon but I know they dont have the budget for it. Im here to ask what should I do except going to see a dermatologist just to stop this acne madness. Im being bullied everytime and I want to share a story that makes me feel more worried about the people who stares at me, a girl who i think is aged 6 or 7 stared at me for mins while riding a transportation heading home she tries to ask her mom about it and pointed at me her mom looked at me so I started to looked away from them bcos I dont want to hear their comments about it. Hope you can help me and thanks for taking a minute to read it πŸ™‚ And I just want to cover my eyes incase someone is going to upload this on internet and make fun of me, i dont want to be cyberbullied this time i always hesitate not to post this but i think it might help

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Hi Kurt I am so glad you found this forum. It is moderated and secure. I am so angry that people still point and stare at those of us with skin problems. We are all here to support one another and I hope you can find a budget to get you to a dermatologist.


Hi Kurt,

I don't know if this will help but I found a site yesterday of a Chinese doctor who has cured many people of acne.

I haven't had acne for many years but it has just come back again, so I did a search and found this doctor. The site is called 'Demodex Solutions', I can't say that it works but I've ordered it and I'm very hopeful. Read chapter 5 on the 'All About Demodex' page I'm sure you will find it very interesting.

Try to think positive, feel good thoughts, try meditation, imagine yourself without the spots, even if you see them in the mirror, eat fresh fruit and vegetables to make sure you're getting all the vitamins and minerals you need, try to avoid spicy and fried foods for a while to see if it makes a difference, drink lots of water and try to think about how you want your life to be, NOT how it is now and NOT about the things you don't want.

I wish you the very best for the future,




I used the soap and cream for about 10 weeks and it's gone. Here's the site;


Here's the cream I used;


Here's the soap I used;


Message me if you want to see my photos or more information.

I hope you're getting good results, whatever you're doing.

Good luck and best wishes,



Hi Bro,

I am so sorry, it seems really irriating for you, i have really great suggestion for you which my brother have used recently, i have purchased it from USA for my younger brother, and believe me the product really works 100%.

You should must try it you can buy the product here goo.gl/Hvzad9. and must keep away your self from touching your skin again and again because thats the main reason behind this.

would like to know the results.

wish you luck :)



Hi Kurt

My son had a similar acne to yours. Even at 30 it showed no sign of abating. He tried many treatments some of which worked for a while. A year ago he cut out all cows milk products and the change to his skin was amazing. He used soya milk for a while, but finds he has no breakouts with goats milk. Any lapse eating processed foods containing cows milk products causes an imediate reaction.

I am sure there are other causes of this awful skin condition, but I have lived in quite rural places in the world and note that people with simpler diets do not get acne. I suspect refined sugars also play a part. Anyway it is worth a try. I note that a lot of acne sufferers have discovered that they have a milk (not lactose) intolerance but skin specialists do not seem to acknowledge it. Good luck.


Really great advice.

Patrick Holford is a nutritionist and has written many books, he has a skin book, but my favourite is The New Optimum Nutrition Bible, he goes into great depth the importance of diet. Another person I listen to is Jerry Tenant, I find him brilliant.

Best wishes,



Hi, try this natural and organic skincare brand called MooGoo from Australia. You can buy online if not available in your area. It helped a lot of people, and I hope you can benefit from their products too. Check their website moogooskincare.co.uk/. All the best!

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