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Painful itchy rosacea



I have this itchy rash on my face that goes over my nose , over both sides of my face and onto my chin .Also my front part of my scalp is itchy . my eyes are now becoming itchy and sore as if they have grit in them . I did go to the doctors because of the rash on my chin as it then was blistered and sore . he said it was a sweat rash !!! and gave me some steroid cream to apply . the rash over my nose could be rosacea . And that there's nothing he can do for it .. The itching is driving me crazy , the skin on nose and the sides of my face is becoming more flaky and sore , and my eyes are hurting . not to mention the itching scalp . As the doctor has said there's nothing he can do for me surely I'm not meant to go through life scratching at my skin ... 😣

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Have a look on sounds like type 2 rosacea partly caused by demodex mites

I'm really sorry to hear about your suffering, I've been through it twice.

I didn't know it was Rosacea the first time I had it, the specialist told me it was acne, this time I self diagnosed it by looking up my symptoms on Google and looking at the images. Everyone I spoke to about it told me to try many different things, so I jumped from one thing to another but it kept getting worse. I searched online and found that it could be caused by Demodex and found a Chinese doctor who had helped many people. I ordered the cream and soap and I have to say that it's gone. I have photos of what it was like in March, 2016'ish I can take some now to show you, I have some from In between too. I'm not saying it was easy, it seemed to take a long time to start working and some days it seemed really good and others not so. But I'm really glad I stuck at it. I also ordered some creams from Zenmed, I was going to take them on holiday with me but they arrived too late and the Rosacea was almost gone by the time I got back, so I never got round to trying it. I've tried to copy and paste some photos but it won't let me, message me if you want to see them.

I want you to know that there is hope, try not to let it make you stressed.

Below is the information I read and the details for the cream and soap.

Good luck and let me know how you get on with whatever you decide to do.

Violetta x

No you don't need to live your life scratching! I've had rosacea for 40 years, tried every so called remedy in the book. 2 years ago I had a really bad flare up that I couldn't get under controland I couldn't face any more antibiotics as my system was totally wrecked. I did a lot of research until I eventually went to see a nutritionist - he prescribed digestive enzymes, fish oils, zinc and probiotics, I was already taking evening primrose oil. I use the Calmin range of products - cleanser, night cream and day cream. I follow a low inflammation diet and drink gallons of filtered water. I have been completely symptom free for 18 months. Thise disease is very definitely linked to your digestive system so please investigate. I use a daily suncream - clinique SFP 40. Good luck - you can beat it!

Violetta62 in reply to Ladynorth

Really good advice!

I have some wonderful products from the dead sea that has been helping a great friend of mine with her rosasea. She also has it in her face. Is there a way you can message me here? I am new to this site

I hope you well and better now,

for your Eyes, I like to advise and its worth to try " Sodium Cromoglicate 2% w/v Eye Drops"

it works for me and always I have it in fridge so whenever it start irritate and itchy I use up to 2 or 3 times and its disappear..

but its only sold by prescriptions.

hope it will help

Hi Karen,

I've replied to quite a few people on this site with my story, I've copied and pasted it here for you, I hope you don't mind;

I've had Rosacea twice, once when I was about 22 and again from March to August last year. The first time I had no idea what it was, went to I don't know how many specialist doctors and was told it was acne. I had it for years and it eventually went on its own.

Last year I had it quite bad, I didn't want to go out of the house, it was ruining my life, I was just too embarrassed. This time I looked on Google at photos of skin problems and found that mine was actually Rosacea. I didn't go to any doctors, I find them a waste of time and I didn't want antibiotics, which is what they gave me last time. So I started searching online, I found many 'cures' but eventually I found this information and tried it.

I bought the soap and cream and used it every morning and evening without fail, altogether I used it for about 10 weeks, I think. Sometimes it seemed to be getting a bit better and other days it seemed a bit worse but I stayed with it. I think that sometimes I covered the areas a little outside the red too much and put it on again because I had peeled it off when it was itching. I have to say that it is very drying, maybe because I have very dry skin anyway.

You'll see in the link below, information about Rosacea, it takes a while to get rid of them and you really need to stick with it. Anyway, I was on holiday, been using it about 10 weeks and decided to stop using the cream, I still use the soap today. In 2 days it was incredible, a tiny bit of redness remained but my skin looked really normal.

I haven't used the cream since, in fact I have a friend whose developed this problem, so I've given it to him. He's been using it since the end of November, so I'm hoping he has as good results as I've had.

Diet is really important, there's a nutritionist called Patrick Holford, he gives really good advice on our diet, he has many books, including one on skin. I would say The New Optimum Nutrition Bible (it must be the NEW one, it has lots more information) is a really good book to start with, it's brilliant, I've bought it for lots of my family and friends. Look for second hand ones on eBay, I find them very cheap there.

As for the moisturiser, I have very dry skin. My sister recommended I use Neal's Yard Soothing Starflower Daily Moisturiser and I love it, it's the first moisturiser I've used that is really good for my skin and doesn't irritate it. I also use a little Neal's Yard Frankincense oil around the wrinkly bits :) I'm afraid to try anything else now. We're all different, so if I were you I would ask them for sample pots of both of those first, that's what I did.

So, I still wash my face with the special soap, rinse very well and then use the Starflower Moisturiser and Frankincense Oil as my skin regime. If I wear mascara I use a tiny bit of almond or olive oil on cotton pads to take it off. I would lay off the foundation, I find it just makes it worse, although I do sometimes use MAC Face and Body Foundation, it's very light. Just make sure you take it off as soon as you can and be very gentle when you wash your face.

There's probably more I should mention but I don't want to go on too long, so message me if you have any questions. I have photos too.

Information about Rosacea;

Below is the cream I used;

Below is the soap I used;

Good luck and stay positive.

Violetta x

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