Worried about Rosacea

Hi Guys,

I'm a 33 year guy and recently had an outbreak bumps and redness on my face. It happened in March this year. I moved back from Australia in September and everything was fine. I'm quite fair but have never suffered with flushing or skin problems in my life. The doctor suggested it could be Rosacea.

The bumps covered my cheeks and forehead mainly. The doctor put me on some Doxycyline mid June which I was on for 3 weeks but had some reactions to (blurry vision) so I switched to Metrogel.

My skin has already cleared up a lot considering i've only been having treatment for about 4 weeks. Nearlly all the bumps have gone and my skin is much more like its natural colour.

I'm sort of worried / unsure about what I will be doing in the future however with regards to my skin. Will I have to take the gel for the rest of my life? How will I be able to figure out what triggers flare ups?

I would like to reach out to anyone with experience with a similar condition? Is it a serious thing I need to be worried about or is it something I can manage for the rest of my life?!

thanks so much


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  • Can you see if you can find a support group either actual in person or on line for rosacea as you can get lots of useful info shared.

  • hi - have a read of rosacea.ie for information to see if anything there resonates with you...

  • Hi my sister has this and uses make up (green based) to cover the redness. I don't know if it is possible for a man to use this without it being detected? She stays out of strong sunlight and always uses sun screen as the sun can make it worse. Certain foods can make it worse too so google them. She has had hers for around 10 years now and it is under control and doesn't seem to be getting any worse. Well done for seeking medical treatment as this will also help to control it. x

  • Hi there - I am now 60 years old and have suffered rosacea since I was 20. Over the years I have used dvery antibiotic going both oral and topical but I got to the stage where my system was so wrecked that I couldn't use them any more and when I stopped my skin flared up almost immediately. I then read an article that linked rosacea with internal inflammation so I visited a nutritionist for help and I wished I'd done that years ago. I take a concoction of omegas, digestive enzymes, zinc and vitamin D. I drink gallons of water and have found a very gentle cleanser and moisturiser (check out the Calmin range). I follow a low inflammation diet (google will help) and I always wear a sunscreen 40 SPF. And its important to keep stress under control. My sin has never been better and I have been off all meds for 2 years. You need to try and find your triggers and get it under control because it can progress and cause lasting damage and dizfigurement. Good luck!!

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