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Bullying and it's factor on people's mental health

Hey guys does anybody think that their bullying in their childhood days led was a factor to their OCD? Like I've been severely bullied in my childhood days from like grades 5-12 and I'd develop things that my therapist said that were inner repetitions where I'd repeat what the bully said even though the bully wasn't there even like for example I'd repeat what the bully said a lot even when I got home. I don't deal with a lot of bullies anymore but my step father has a fear of death and he's been mentioning a lot of death concepts around me and I think I use the same kind of inner repetitions like I did with the bullies but with my inner repetitions and so most of the day I'd think of unwanted intrusive thoughts about death. I was told that meds can reduce your anxiety about these thoughts and I'm like 18 so I can't fully move out of the nest yet and so I still have to put up with my step father, but my mom and me have gotten this idiot to shutup about them. What do you guys think?

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I’ve been wondering about this lately. I was bullied in elementary school and even some in high school. I’m quite a bit older than you, but I still think about it even after all these years. I hadn’t thought about bullying affecting my OCD until recently. But I’ve never read about there being any connection between ocd and bullying. And none of my therapists over the years (all OCD specialists) ever mentioned it either.

Do any of the administrators in this group have any thoughts on this?

I'm so sorry you are going through this. Hopefully you will be able to move out in the near future. As for bullying, yes, I do think bullying effected my OCD, tremendously. Back in seventh grade, (long time ago), this girl was bullying me in two classes. I was lucky, because it wasn't all the time. Years later, though, I used to picture in my mind the things I would have done to fight back at her in those moments. I wish I had fought back, but I somehow knew that that would cause more problems. She had several older brothers, and that made me stop and think not to fight back. The bullying caused all kinds of horrible rituals in the house, such as not being able to get through doorways. I had lots of tics. I hope things get better for you and I'm glad that part of your life has come and gone.

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