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Medication for ocd

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I want to be better and wanted to go to the doctors I have cheating or relationship OCD Where I feel like when I'm drunk I either after innapropriate or cheat. I also have bad depression especially at night. What sort of medication will the docs prescribe for this form of OCD AND will it help. I tried depressants many different kinds and the come down is worse than the depression so I want to avoid those as they didn't help and made things worse. I just want to stop thinking negatively about myself. I want to be a therapist myself and am currently studying psychology at university but I'm worried that this will just end me

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You have made reference to inappropriate behaviour when you are drunk. Alcohol abuse will definitely not help your ocd symptoms or your depression! Have you considered going to AA? It might be a first positive step towards your recovery. I speak from personal experience here.

I'm not abusing it but could definitely limit myself. As i said I think I act bad which is an ocd thought not a real situation

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