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Hi my name is Krzysztof. Im fighting with OCD and looking for experienced therapist who can help me thru internet or any other channel of communication. Living in Poland is hard to find somebody who is as experienced as specialists in US. I have read some botoks and im participating in therapy but i believe i can do more if i will find proper support with experience

Any support will be highly appreciated

Thank you in advance!

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ChrisTrondsenIOCDF Ambassador

Have you tried going to the IOCDF's website to search for help: ?

Try that first!



Thanks for answering i tried that first however in Poland there are not to many therapist with experience in OCD therapy. I See that in US therapist have much wider experience. I would appreciated even Skype consultations or any other form of support.

If you are Able to help me to find somebody with experience i will appreciated that

Thank you in advance


Hi Zrzysiek. I have a similar case. Living in Spain and our therapists have not the expertise in CBT and ERP. So I have educated myself. Books and the UK and OCD international foundation. Podcasts from Kimberly Quinland and OCD stories. But I could use an on line good expert in OCD. Someone out there?

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