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Interferon injections

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Hi folks,

Wanted to know,am about to go on interferon injections as my iron count is 3.4 & ferritin count is 16. I feel fine but wondered how the injections are going for those taking it and what side effects are mostly common.

Many thanks 😊

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Hi Keviekev,

I have been on the interferon injection since 2020 at one point my injection was at its highest of 180mg weekly, I am now on a much lower dosage

My personal experience has been that I get very little side effects from it or that they are unit can give you very mind flu like symptoms and have taken the advice of others to take this on an evening before bed but never really suffered from this either. But I guess it’s down to how each individual reacts to a treatment.


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keviekev in reply to FAM_KT

Thanks very much,am a bit nervous about it.

I have been on pegysus for well over a year. Started on 45mcg to get body used to it. All good! No side effects as long as drunk loads of water otherwise felt like I had slight hangover. Quickly moved to 65mcg which suits me. 90mcg didn’t. Regards injection we are all here to help. Really easy and painless. Let us know how you get on

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Thanks very much 😊

We all respond differently to the treatment options. I found Pegasys and Besremi to be the easiest treatment to tolerate. I have experienced minor side effects. Itching (that is controlled by Claritin), occasional flares of arthralgia, and mild leukopenia (cytoreductive meds reduce WBCs too). Note that side effects are dose-dependent. The higher the dose, the more likely side effects are.

Here is one source for side effects.



Hi there, I've been on Peg Inferno Apha 2 for over eight years, different dosages, from 45mc, 90mc, 135mc and now since earlier this year I'm back on 45mc due to I have been stable and I asked my consultant to have a holiday, but he suggested to take 45mc. I did have side effects such as flue, body pain, etc.. It is very individual reaction to Peg Interferon and to different dosages. Hope this helps. Wishing you well.

Very helpful thank you.

I have been on Peg for nearly a year now. Dose of 45mcg since the start and still the same dose now. Blood tests have all been in the normal range for months now, worked really quick for me. The only side effect I have had is being constantly tired. Doesn’t really stop me doing things, just plan things differently. I feel that fatigue is a small price to pay if that’s the only side effect I ever get. You may not get any side effects at all, everyone tolerates it differently. Good luck with everything

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keviekev in reply to Jynx93

Thanks very much,feeling slightly better about it.

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