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Interferon injections

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Hello everyone.... saw my oncologist last week, I have been given another 3 weeks off of Hydroxycarbomide ( it’s shown it is that that is giving me mouth sores) it has been mentioned I could go onto interferon. I am nervous of injections, let alone giving it to myself 🥴 how easy is it, and does it hurt ? 😳

Yvette Xx

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Hi Yvette, this video might help you, Alisia talks about injecting Inteferon. Best wishes, Maz

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Yvette49 in reply to Mazcd

Oh, thank you Max, that was really helpful and reassuring 😁 I am not so nervous now. xx

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Osteomyelio in reply to Yvette49

Helpful video, thank you for posting it

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MazcdAdministrator in reply to Yvette49

Good. x x

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Lifam in reply to Mazcd

That's a great video although I am not on it, it helps to get the idea what it's like and how to do it in case I need to be on it in future.

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Wyebird in reply to Mazcd

Thank you Maz for future reference was valuable. Is this how everyone injects interferon?

Hi Yvette! I am the biggest wuss ever! But the injections are very,very easy and do not hurt at all. Frankly getting my eyebrows threaded hurts far worse. LOL Truly there is nothing to worry about. I too was so scared and it turned out to be for nothing. Please let me know if you have any questions and let us know how you do.


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Yvette49 in reply to Miriammusic

Ah, Miriam...thank you so much... I will certainly let you know how I get on 😁


Very easy, doesn’t hurt a bit! 3 times a week for me. Doddle!

Doesn't hurt, 4 times a week for me... you'll get used to it, anyway, the benefits outweigh any discomfort....

Thank you for raising this- thought it was only me!

I am doing ok on HU, but as I have ET and Systemic Masocytosis, my haem has said I may need to go on to Interferon? I HATE injections (no problem with spiders!) and the thought of doing it myself filled me with dread. Seeing the video, has helped and hearing your experiences is really useful.

Think I can cope - definitely what this site is for - thank you.


Hi Yvette, if you apply EMLA cream (local anaesthetic cream, bought over the counter) on the injection site 30-40min prior to the injection, you will find it becomes 100% pain free. It takes all the dread away! It is what I do, to avoid the (minor) sting of the injection. Good luck! Susana x

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Yvette49 in reply to Susana7

Thank you Susana, good tip, I will get some 😉

Depending on a number of factors, mouth ulcers included, you may actually be HU-intolerant. For some of us MPNers (I am one), the risks/adverse effects outweigh the putative benefits of HU. While all of the chemotherapies come with their own set of risks, you may well tolerate the interferon better. There is some recent research that indicated the interferon-based therapies may have a better long-term benefit than HU, particularly in terms of disease progression. All the best yo you.

Really easy and doesn’t hurt. You will be fine x

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Yvette49 in reply to SuET2017

Brill :-))


It is very easy, very small needle. I have minor redness after the injection.

Take good care.

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Yvette49 in reply to Indigo42916

Oh brilliant, thanks Indigo ( love your name:-)

All this info soo helpful Xx

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Hi Yvette I too get a dodgy mouth and am considering interferon. Let me know how you get on? Xx

Hi, I can’t do the injection myself 🥴 my hubby does it for me. The mouth sores have virtually disappeared.....wish the itching would ☹️Let me know how you get on too 🙂

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