Jenni's Journey

Jenni's Journey

[Jenni is a young friend of mine. She doesn't have an MPN, but she has a message. It meant a great deal to me, as I hope it will to you. She has suffered terribly with stage 4 ovarian cancer...twice. She's also a pediatric oncology nurse at Children's Hospital.]

"Tonight is my last "Chemo Eve!" Sitting here thinking about this photo and how much Scott and I have overcome in the last seven months! We took this picture two days after my surgery...not knowing what the future would hold for us. Throughout this journey, we both have made the decision to praise God for our blessings, be thankful for our circumstances and choose joy each and every day...even if it was REALLY hard. We were always a team...whether we were laughing together or crying together. Thank you Scott for being my biggest cheerleader and staying strong for me no matter what life has thrown at us...Love this man oh so much!!!

I never thought I'd have to fight cancer again...but I'm so grateful for everything this second roller coaster ride has taught me along the way!!! I still have a fight ahead of me (a lifetime of Avastin infusions, blood work and scans)...but I love celebrating the milestones as they come...and having my last chemo treatment tomorrow is one of them! Cheers to being cancer free, quick hair growth, a big appetite, no more nausea and a crazy amount of energy coming my way SOON!

Thank you again for all the prayers! I really mean It when I say I couldn't have done this without each and every one of you praying, calling, texting, visiting and thinking of me."

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  • Brave young lady. Hope all goes well for her in the future. 🍀

  • Hi Jerry, it is nice to know that you gained some comfort from this very young and very brave ladies message. You both have strong Christian beliefs and I'm sure that helps a lot.

    I wish Jenni and Scott well for the future.

    Mary x

  • Bless Jenni and her husband...recalling our 2 year old grandson's song, which he bursts out with "We have Joy when we bring praises to our King" tunelessly but with such conviction. Jenni shows us all such courage and thank you to jerrymohler for giving us her glowing testimony of hope. Loving prayers of faithful families and friends do far more than any of us ever realise.Tinkerbell13

  • My prayers are with you Jenni

    a very positive young lady ,

    I wish you the very best of health for the future & also you & Scot a happy Peaceful life together xx

  • A lump in my throat, a tear in my eye and all the best of good things winging their way for a long and happy life together.

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