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Travel Insurance once diagnosed with MF



I now have post ET mylofibrosis - but am ok - but now trying to book travel insurance and am astounded by the fact I uninsurable!

Anyone found a good insurance company that offers reasonable rates?

Many thanks


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Hi Janet, glad to hear that you are ok with your diagnosis, our travel and insurance leaflet has companies listed on it who have provided insurance to people with MPNs, though they all do assess each case individually so we cannot guarantee that they will provide cover but they are worth contacting, the leaflet is available here

Best wishes, Maz

Wychwoodbabe in reply to Mazcd

That is really kind, thanks very much. I will get onto it!

Kind Regards



I upgraded my bank account with the Natwest and called them and they did my PV including my varices at no extra cost. I pay £18 pm for the account so all worthwhile.


Also consider whether your Union has travel insurance cover, mine does. I am now an out of trade member, retired, but still have the cover and I am covered for worldwide multi trip for all of my illnesses. Their only stipulations are that as long as no illness is classed as 'terminal' or I have been advised not to travel then I don't need to disclose any illness as it is covered.

We use stay sure

I paid £45 for a three day trip to Austria last year. Companies like Stay sure seem to cover it.

I have PV and use Staysure. X

Look at You can buy a bracelet or pendant and have your medical conditions engraved on it. You first speak to a nurse and give information about yourself and everything needed in case of a medical emergency. This is kept on file and there is 24/7 'phone access to retrieve it from Medic Alert from anywhere in the world. There is a small annual membership fee and you can update your information at any time. You also get a card for your purse/wallet with a more detailed summary of your condition than on the pendant/bracelet. Good luck with getting travel insurance. I have ET and MDS and a pacemaker and it has never stopped me getting insurance to travel abroad at a rate that I was willing to pay. I use Staysure.

Oh Janet, I sympathise completely. I too have a recent MF diagnosis and what a trouble to get travel insurance. One day my husband spent over 6 hours solidly on the telephone and in the end my usual company called Stay Sure have agreed to Europe only for £800.00 + a little. This is for both my husband and I (he is incredibly fit) for 1 year only. Not been formalised yet as my insurance runs out end of August. Hope they don't change their minds! For world wide travel it would be in the 2 - 3 thousand just for me.

We did use the leaflet provided by MPN plus others by the way. I had only a little trouble when I was PV.

Best wishes

I recently used Boots, they were actually the best price i could find following quotes of £300-£900, I got single trip worldwide travel insurance for £130.

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