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Travel Insurance with a SCT pending for MF

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I was amazed to find that the 3 insurance companies I contacted did not care that I have a SCT coming up in August. One didn't even want to be contacted after the transplant - they said tell them at renewal next year. The other two said to tell them about it afterwards. One quote was £130 for a week or £330 for the year. The free travel insurance from my bank quoted £200 for a worldwide, annual policy which covers my diabetes, suspected TIA and MF.

Good value I think.

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That’s great news!

I tried to set up life insurance a few months ago but was told I would have to survive the next 3 years before they could give me a quote 😯 and even then it would be a pre-existing condition premium 🙄

Good to know we’re not getting swindled everywhere 😁


Hi Rob, like you I'm amazed by that. I thought the mere fact you're so close to SCT would sky rocket your premium. Or it would be Jumbo sized !!

Has your MF been ticking away over a lengthy period or have you decided to opt for Transplant early on in your diagnosis. The reason I ask is coz , well no real reason, just nosey. No, seriously I had MF and underwent SCT in Sept 15 as did a couple of others on the Forum and I'm always interested to hear of MF as it is the rarer MPN and when I was diagnosed I didn't speak to anyone else at my local unit who had it and in 3 years at my transplant clinic I still haven't. Only on this Forum.

Enjoy your holiday if planned.

Cheers Chris

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Hi Chris,

I was diagnosed with Primary MF in 2007 and other than my spleen being 10cm below my ribs I was more than fine for 10 3/4 years. Last December my spleen started to really grow and within two weeks it had crossed over my center line and I was an invalid at home. I was given Ruxo and within a week I was back at work, fully mobile again.

My bloods deteriorated but my problem is I have circulating blasts of around 20% so it is an easy decision for me. SCT or bust.

Date is 20th August but my liver reacts badly to antibiotics so they are now talking of a stay in hospital for chemo, a short break, then back to hospital for more chemo and the transplant.

How are you after your SCT?

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JediReject in reply to Hidden

Yes I can see it's a no brainer for you at your blast stage. It's a shame things are slightly complicated by your liver reaction but it sounds like your team have a plan.

I'm finally doing ok after coping with the effects of GVHD for the last couple years , I was unfortunate to be severely affected by it and the side effects of the steroids used to treat it. A little GVHD is good as it shows your new cells are active but when those cells turn against you it's game on. Most Transplantees get a mild or moderate reaction.

There is nothing to fear from the SCT process but it's critical you do what's asked of you with regard to fluid intake, tablets, swabs, mouth washes etc. The isolation is ok for the first 2-3 weeks but can be a little challenging in the latter stage.

I know it's a little time off but I want to wish you well.

Cheers Chris

Hi Rob. I use my bank credit card insurance and they simply excluded Myelofibrosis, and continue to do so seven years after SCT! I have had to mention other minor items in the past few years and they go through the registered list. They say ‘have you still got Myelofibrosis?’ I say ‘no as I had an SCT’. They then ask what my hgb is and I respond it’s 14/15. They respond, ‘well you are not covered for Myelofibrosis’. I respond ‘fine as I haven’t got it’.

Like Chris no1, am always interested in other SCTers and willing to help if I can.

Chris no2. The non Jedi version with the Princess Leia stem cells.

Good news. Does it cover USA? What company was that? My bank insurance refuse to cover ET.

I too would like to know if they cover the USA for those premiums. And who are they? Jan

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I am in the UK.

Allclear quoted for a week to Greece and annual cover for travel in Europe, I think. The quote has since "disappeared".

My UK bank Natwest, to whom I pay a monthly fee for various benefits including free travel insurance, quoted happily for an annual policy, worldwide multi trip, covering MF, diabetes, suspected TIA AND my wife and two kids.

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