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Travel Insurance and ET


Has anybody tried to get travel insurance with an ET diagnosis. If so, have they imposed an excess on the premium and how much ?

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Hi Chris

Yes I’ve always had travel insurance and declared. Does not seem to have made any difference to the premium.

Hi Chris3875... as SuET2017 mentioned.. it’s not that much different on the premium... I think I may have paid about $10.00 more a year ago.

Hi. We have paid an extra £19.00 a year on our yearly family worldwide insurance.

Try Free Spirit Travel, specialists in travel insurance for those with health conditions. D..

I paid an extra £30 for my world wide cover this year in February

I had to answer a few questions (like had I ever had a blood clot - which I haven’t) and paid a small excess - just over $100

I’ve been rejected by lots of companies eventually finding an annual for over £100 extra. Other conditions also affect the premiums

Think I used StaySure. It was slightly more expensive after declaring ET but not a large amount, less than £20 for the year I think

I’ve used Staysure for several years now - no problem covering ET and only a small increase in premium

I was unable to get travel insurance from SAGA to cover my holiday this year, since cancelled, because they ask if I had had chemotherapy in the past 2 years. As I have taken hydroxy for 11 years I said yes and was immediately told sorry no insurance. I have had insurance from them for years now but the word chaemotherapy put pay to that. I did get insurance fron Stay sure but whey would not cover existing conditions.


I was diagnosed with MPN ET JAK2+ last year only a few weeks before we were due to go on holiday abroad. Our holiday insurance is through First Direct, who we have accounts with. My husband rang, told them of my diagnosis, they checked their list of acceptable conditions/illnesses, and was told yes it was on there and there would be no additional cost.

Hope you get insurance sorted.

Kind regards,

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