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I'm relatively newly diagnosed but am thinking of going abroad, does anyone have any experience with getting Travel Insurance that doesn't exclude PV or similar conditions?

Thanks Ian

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Hi ilc72, there is a list of insurance companies on our travel leaflet who have been recommended by people with MPDs Kind regards, Maz

ilc72 in reply to Mazcd

Hi Maz

The link is broken but have also checked with Macmillan.

Regards Ian

MazcdAdministrator in reply to ilc72

try this link, you will find the information on the travel leaflet -

I have PV and always use Staysure Medical Insurance. They cover all pre-existing medical conditions at a very reasonable price

Thanks will check them out...

I also recently (May 2013) used Staysure Medical Insurance. They covere all pre-existing medical conditions and the medication. Price was the best I found. Good Luck and enjoy the trip..

Well it is to be planned, unfortunately hospitalised at the moment, would like to go to China on a guided tour soon so using the time to plan.

Hi I declared my ET to my ins company and had to pay extra £14 on top of my yearly premium.x

I have ageneric policy free with my Bank which I thought was awaste of time. However a fellow patient told me that if you contact them for a payment in my case I think £60 I got a full year European for PV, Atrial fibrilation and acid reflux. I thought that was reasonable


Interesting as have "Free" policies with Barclays and also Direct Line so will check out both for additional charges, if not extortionate then that'll probably be the best option.

Thanks for all the advice, found this site and its members invaluable and it makes you feel your not alone! :-)

I'd be interested to hear if anyone from Canada found good insurance rates. So far I've used the motor association insurance, but with PRV and a heart attack I'm wondering what the price for insurance would be now. ABman

I know this is an older post but as as a 42 year old with PV diagnosed since my last annual policy update, Columbus travel gave me the same cover for an extra £45 (though the YHA discount no longer works with a pre existing medical condtion, tsk). Just thought i'd mention them as they were helpful too and another option.

Hidden in reply to Dubmatix

Hi Dubmatix that is interesting as I had been with Columbus for years on an annual worldwide family travel policy. However, when I was diagnosed with ET they would not cover me for that condition and I am now with Staysure for an extra cost of £14. My family live in the USA and we travel there annually so I couldn't afford not to have good cover in place.

Dubmatix in reply to Hidden

Hi Mallard, they did ask a number of detailed questions such as whether i'd had a clot and how often i had venesections so they did have the right information to hand. Staysure additional cost was lower so depending on the basic premium price it could well work out cheaper so i think i'll get a quote from them next year. My wife's family are in Canada so we go there regularly too so also need good cover to avoid any bankrupting medical fees. Thanks for the tip!

MIA run by people with chronic diseases them selves they have been the cheapest I have found

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