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High blood pressure

Hi Maz, I have posted this question to you on the public forum as I am wondering if other people have experienced high blood pressure issues appearing after being controlled successfully on ramipril for about 6 years. My GP has referred me back to the BP clinic but my concern is that they don't have the knowledge or expertise to link it to my PV. My hct levels are around .44, .43 so just sitting below venesection target of .45. My head feels fuzzy and with some pressure which is usually the sign I need a venesection but have had two blood test fairly close together, giving results as .44 and .43 respectively.

I would be really grateful for some medical advice re this and also whether to ask for a haem appointment as I am not due to see them until August unless symptoms changed.

Many thanks, kind regards

Aime xx😺

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Hi Aime, i take 10mg ramipril. My bp still isnt ideal and I think it fluctuates depending on the viscosity of my blood. My bp is treated by my gp, but like you, i dont think she appreciates there could be a link. My haem has asked my gp to arrange thyroyd testing to see if this is having an impact also. Jo x


Thank you Jo for replying. I have had my thyroid etc checked in September and it was ok so not sure what to make of this rise in BP. Kind regards Aime xx😺


I hope we both get it sorted!


Definitely, it is just a pest!xx Aime 😺


Hi Aime

I've gone the other way and since having venesections my BP has lowered.

I was taking Ramipril for 6 years before PRV diagnosis and have recently been taken off it as my BP is now normal.

I've had 3 bp checks in the last 2 months and each time it's been fine :) Conclusive proof for me that PRV caused my high BP.

When I was first diagnosed with high bp, I was a non smoker, not over weight, ate well and healthy, exercised, had no stresses in my life but unbeknown to me at that time I believe I had PRV.

I found a letter from a Neurologist I saw 3 years ago and in it he says that there was nothing unremarkable in my blood results. My haem has since shown me the blood results and I had an Hct level of 0.55 which obviously indicates I had PRV. It was ignored for so many years.

If I were you I would definitely try to get to see someone ~ have you been appointed a specialist nurse? If so it may be a good idea to give them a call.


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Hi Aime, many apologies for the delay in responding to your question, I have asked Prof Harrison and she has said: Not really related to MPN I am afraid. Maz x


Thank you very much Maz. Kind regards Aime x😺


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