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Just found this support group x

Hi there myself and my husband are coming to terms with the realisation we will prob never be parents. 2 miscarriages and 2 failed ivf and I am now 40 we feel our journey is over. Some days i am fine other days I am an emotional wreck (always behind closed doors tho) it can be something somebody has said without realising it to FB posts of people’s pregnancy announcements that sets me off. It can be a very lonely time as people tend to mix with others who have children also . I sometimes wonder if I will ever get over it? Glad to have found this support group x

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Morning Morv,

Welcome here,

Im sure you will find good support here,

Very sorry to hear your losses and completely understand that feeling of not being able to cope. Others can be so insensitive.

Thankfully this community is lovely and it's good to have you and your husband,

Take care


You're in the right place! You are just explaining exactly how we all feel sadly. Everyone's circumstances vary slightly but the outcome is still the same. Often it's issues of sadness, loneliness, anger but it's all wrapped up in grief.

It's worth just reading through some of the previous posts and replies and you'll hopefully see you're not alone.

Have you had any counselling to help support you?



No not had any counselling as yet although I have looked into it. I have had a read through some previous posts and the feelings are all so similar to how I feel. It really is a good thing to be able to share how we feel and that we are not alone. Thank you x

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