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Just a gentle reminder

Hi Everyone. We have had a few people contact us to say some posts still contain references to the fact that hey may not quite have finished fertility treatment. The "More To Life" section is for people/couples who are at the end of their fertility journey, which includes the possibility of surrogacy and adoption. For whatever reason, they have made the decision to move on from treatment, and are looking for support as they do so. So any of you who feel that they may at some time try some form of treatment again, please would you register on the "Fertility Network UK" site, where you will find lots of support, with whatever you might still be going through. Diane

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I posted on here instead of the infertility feed but the app took me straight to it ☹️ it was only when I was exploring the app a found the other feeds X


Hi danny137. Hope you're getting the support/information you are looking for. Diane


Thank you Diane, we really appreciate your post as it was becoming a little uncomfortable to read some of the responses. Being able to read posts where other people share a similar situation really does help me come to terms with childlessness. Thanks to everyone at More To Life we appreciate you so much! Kind regards, Sam


Thanks Diane, as above it is appreciated. But maybe the App needs looking at? - re 1st reply.

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Hi wendy23. Good point. I'm off for a few days, but will mention it to someone who can check it out. Diane

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Hi, if you are having issues with the app then you would need to contact HealthUnlocked directly as this isn't something we would be able help with. Click the link below which takes you to their contact page.


Best Wishes




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