Vitamin D3 has cured my migraines

About 5 months ago, a blood test showed that I was deficient in Vitamin D. I had asked for this test to be added to my regular thyroid function test, as recommended on the Health Unlocked Thyroid forum (I am hypothyroid). The test showed that I was deficient, at 36 nmol /L, but my GP didn't seem to think it was worth treating. However, in line with advice received on the forum, I have been taking 5,000 iu D3 daily, combined with a K2 supplement.

I have been a severe migraine sufferer for 15 years, and have tried numerous prescription drugs and treatments, and made significant lifestyle changes, and although the situation improved, I was still getting severe three-day migraines on average every three to four weeks.

However, as of today, I have been migraine free for 10 weeks - that's the longest I have been migraine free for 15 years. I had been wondering why this has happened, so I googled Vit D and Migraines, to see if there is a connection. There are recent studies showing a link between the two. I feel sure that this is what has made the difference to me, and I am sharing it here in case anyone else can benefit.

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  • Yes low vitamin D causes inflammation in the body, I keep mine good also. MaryF

  • Hi Julie, yip i read some time ago that D3 combined with K2 could impact migraine frequency & intensity.

    A lot of migraine sufferers take B12 & magnesium too.

    I have bloodtests this week for full B panel, magnesium, cortisone and folate , be interesting to see what comes from it 😆.

    Thanx for sharing 😆

  • I have been taking B12 and magnesium for quite a while, but I didn't see any improvement until I added D3 and K2 to the mix

  • Yip 😆 i seen a video on utube, girl in USA and she was on all 4 vits.

    I'll get the bloods done and see what comes from it 😆

  • Hi Julie, I just read your post about Vitamin D and migraines. My daughter has been having migraines for over a year now and was just recently diagnosed with MS. After her diagnosis she was prescribed a high dose of Vitamin D for 8 weeks and then advised to take 5,000 daily but only after we did some research did we find out that it's best to take K2 along with Vitamin D. We haven't started the K2 yet so I was wondering how much K2 do you take and what brand? Maybe if we go ahead and add K2 it will stop her migraines. Thanks!

  • Thanks for the tip. Will try it. Carol T.

    P.S. When I googled K2 it said it was cannabis! Finally found it was Vitamin K2.

  • I'm really happy you've had a good response and such a long time without a migraine, however, it may not be due to the D3, I've taken 10,000 units of the 'right' kind of D3 daily for years and it has no effect at all on my migraines. But migraines are indeed mysterious terrors and I hope yours was indeed due to low D3, but don't be too surprised if they return.

  • I have taken vitamin D3, 50,000 units per week since 2012, and still get migraines.

    Keep up the good work, I envy you!

  • I was deficient in D3 too now taking it along with magnesium, feverfrew, B12, B2, COQ10 and glucosamine. Not heard of K2 before but will definitely be adding it to my mix

  • I read this with interest having tried every other remedy in existence - chemical, herbal, natural, physical etc etc etc.

    Started taking magnesium, D3 and K2 every day for 3 months (like to give things a good trial period before jumping to conclusions)

    First thing I noticed - K2 outrageously expensive! But soldiered on. First month was good seemed to be working, but second and third month back to normal, 14 to 16 migraines per month. So on balance not convinced that this works at all.

    Am trying to cut down very slowly on Amitriptyline (not convinced that this helps in any way whatsoever; just putting chemicals into my body for the sake of it).

    As usual the only thing that really helps is Zolmatriptan which I get free on the National Health.

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