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4 months of migraines

hey, i am 15 and i have had severe migraines everyday for the past 4 months. I have spoke to my doctor about this 3 weeks after i started having them everyday and 5 days ago (4 months later) i was prescribed with 1 propanolol tablet twice a day.

i was wondering if there was anything else i could do to help my migraines as they never hurt in the place... they are always different but i never get an aura and i have no clue what is causing them or what type of migraines they are.

i went for an eye test and there was nothing linking my vision to my migraines and lying in a dark quiet room only work 30% of the time. Please let me know if you guys have an ideas as to things i could do to sort this out.

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Give the tablets a chance to work. Probably at least a month, unless you develop unwelcome side effects. If they dont help, go back to your dr and ask for blood tests and maybe a referral.

Keep a food diary to see if you can see a pattern developing, there might be a trigger food which is causing them, also if you are stressed or anxious about stuff, at 15 there is lots going on inside your body.


i have had a blood test done before and everything was normal.


Hi Amy

Sorry to hear about your suffering with migraine.

This may sound gross, but it got rid of my migraines for a long while. I found that applying cold cabbage leaves to my head for a long period, gets rid of my migraines. It doesn't smell either. Apparently, there's an enzyme that is released in the cabbage, that reduces pain and swelling.

Simply put the cabbage in the fridge for 30 minutes or 10 minutes in the freezer. Use it straight away if it's already cold. Pull of the leaves, wash if necessary. Place a leaf on the painful part of your head. Cover with a hat or scarf. Lie down for 30- 60 minutes. Drink sips of what every 5-10 minutes. Keep a glass/ cup of it , nearby.

Please let me know how you get on. It really can work if you give it time. Hope you feel better soon. Have a Blessed day

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Hi Amyjolock

I had a migraine for 6 months. I started having steroid injections in the base of my skull which did nothing. I found diazepam to relax the muscles around the neck and went to see a myotherapist who released all the built up tension in the neck, shoulders, arms an back. I only suffer the odd migraine now. Approximately 2 bad days s month. I hope this helps

Sarah xx

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Hi, sorry to hear your suffering from migraines, if you have had more than 3 mths 15 or more headache days with at least 8 migraine days you can be referred to a neurologist and/or pain clinic for treatment. I wish i'd known this this time last year when i'd had 4 months, it wasn't til I ended up in hospital with the pain that I discovered this. I now have botox which keeps 99% of them at bay! Hope something help s soon. As some one else said you need to keeps a food/activity /pain diary to help in finding triggers if any!


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