Electrolyte Supplementation = No Migraines

I have suffered from migraines for 15 years and this is the first thing that I feel may actually be an answer. I started taking electrolyte supplements (the type athletes use) at least a couple times a day a couple weeks ago and it seems to have completely ended the migraine spree I was on. Plus, I have more energy and feel better over all. I never had it suggested to me by a doctor or any advice online, etc to try this, but it has worked beautifully.

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  • Delaine, that's interesting, I,m always happy to try something natural! Can you tell us what they,re called? Where they,re from?

    Glad they're working for you!


  • Hi Juliap3,

    I am using 2-4 Electrolyte Stamina pills and a couple Electrolyte Stamina Power Paks (both from Trace Minerals Research) every day as well as an Oxy-Powder capsule (from Global Healing Center) every day or so.

    I hope that helps!

  • Thanks, I had a look at these and see that they contain minerals, I had a mineral imbalance test last week and awaiting results.(I did this as recommended by the migraine revolution book, it says that in some cases a simple correction of minerals is the only problem!) so if I have any imbalances I will def give them a go. Looks like you found yours by pure luck so hope it continues for you :)

  • It was more like putting 2+2 together actually. I started to notice how all my varied symptoms closely followed those of dehydration, that my mouth would be very dry when I had migraines. I also am aware of the profound research of Dr. Batmanghelidj who found that very many varied diseases would often disappear in his patients when they became properly hydrated.

  • Good for you, it's always good to look outside the usual thinking surrounding migraines (ie I,ve got a headache take some pills!) which is easy but not very effective as we all know. hope you have kissed the bleeders goodbye for good :)

  • Hi was wondering if you're still taking the electrolytes and if they're still working?i hope so ... 


  • Pleased to hear about the improvement. Just make sure the supplements don't contain caffeine: it will store up problems.

  • Nope. No caffeine in it! :-)

  • I was interested to note that you say to ensure that there is no caffeine in these supplements. I was advised by a consultant to have a strong black coffee at onset of migraine as this can help. Can't say it ever has albeit I have taken this advice on several occasions. What is your experience with caffeine?

  • It's very odd that so many headache preparations contain caffeine. It helps drugs' absorption into the bloodstream but caffeine is a major cause of rebound headaches. You may feel better immediately after taking caffeine but twelve hours later you are quite likely to have a thumping headache, take caffeine again to control it and thus generate a vicious cycle.

  • So happy for you, I hope this continues and cured!! This is something I've suspected for a long time and will definitely give it a try

    Thanks so much


  • i'll give that a go.......

  • thinking back i had a better year when i was taking a vitamin & mineral supplement daily.

  • I am wondering , it the electrolyte drops would be as effective as the supplements. I get migraines also and would like to know how to get the mineral imbalance test also. Thanks.

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