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It’s only a headache 🤬


Hi everyone, so this is me. Started with migraines aged 17. In those days I was lucky and would have only one or two a month. By my mid twenties four or five a month. At this point, no treatment but advised not to take the contraceptive pill. I became migraine free whilst pregnant with twins and after their all hell broke loose. I had 20+ a month, especially before and after a period but lots of other triggers. No longer able to drink even a drop of alcohol. Over the years I have tried all preventatives currently on the market, none worked and diagnosed by three different Neurologists. Had both MRI and CT scans. Last year I had an eight week ‘episode’ of severe dizziness and difficulty in walking, thinking and ‘loss of words’, general brain fog. Nobody at the hospital could find what it was but I believe it may have been migraine linked..anyone else had this? So I was told I should be migraine free once I went through menopause....although I have lots of triggers besides hormones. I had been period free for 18 months and blood test results gave a reading I had gone through menopause and I must admit my migraines had gone down to about 15 a month which I thought was great. My Naratriptan worked well if caught in time but I was suffering from anxiety and other symptoms and my Dr ‘very reluctantly’ gave me a low dose hrt patch which alleviated all my symptoms but I’m now having daily migraines AGAIN. Anyone out there in similar shoes? I’m 51 x

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Dear slim 66

Im 54 and never suffered migraines before but at 51 started getting silent migraines and then they stopped only to return last year. I get as many as six a month down to three or less. I sometimes get mild head pain. This month has been pretty bad do you get the auras? Thats basically what I get.

Slim66 in reply to Pinkcat21

Hi Pinkcat21, I don't always suffer with aura, if I do it's usually dizziness/vertigo. I always have head pain, mostly behind my right eye but if the migraine is caused by a skipped meal or not eating at a regular time then it's always strangely on the left.


Hi Slim66. Similar to you I started with migraines in my teens and since having children they have progressively got worse. First neurologist I saw diagnosed me with cluster migraines and told me to take pain killers. At the absolute worst I was suffering a migraine 21+days a month and no medication would touch it. Once the migraine settled, vertigo would start. The 2nd neurologist I saw diagnosed me as suffering chronic migraines and put me on topiramate- this worked for migraines but no meds touch my vertigo so have to just deal with that when I get it. Last ur I ended up in a+e as my left side went numb and had neck pain. Ct, MRI & lumbar puncture all clear. I have just had my first appt with endocrinology with a plan of going on progesterone only treatment despite my hormone levels being normal (I’m 35)

Slim66 in reply to Hidden

Good luck, hope that helps. How have you been with topiramate side effects. I lost weight, had weight loss, reduced eyesight and insomnia. They worked for about 8 months but I could only tolerate 50mg taken in the evening.

Hidden in reply to Slim66

When I first started taking it I got pins and needles in my hands, feet and occasionally parts of my face along with reduced appetite but now I only get pins and needles. When taking it I am on 100mg (was 200mg at my worst) as soon as I feel a migraine starting, I start taking them again and they seem to work! I think I have been lucky to only get take side effect but after years of meds not doing a thing I can cope with it!

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