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Menstrual Migraines

I’ve been getting menstrual migraines ever since i found out i was pregnant. Usually 1-2 days before my period starts i will get it. It’s deliberating.

After my pregnancy, the menstrual migraines have not stopped....

I’m thinking it’s a drop in progesterone because my estrogen levels are higher.

Does anyone have the same symptoms as me?

If so, what cures this???? I was migraine free for 3 years until i got pregnant. Doctors can’t figure it out..

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I suffered badly with menstrual migraines. My GP put me on the progesterone only contraceptive pill. It stops your periods completely and I have not had a menstrual migraine in 9 years!

Might be worth looking into,



Maybe i need that for my body now... i was going to try progesterone cream because I get scared of medications if there’s an alternative, but I’ll definitely talk with my GP about that if the cream doesn’t help with my migraines this month. Thanks so much!


Take naproxen the two days before you start your period....this helped some for the menstrual migraines I use to get....good luck and God bless..

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Thank you for your reply! I appreciate it. & i definitely will try that on my next cycle, or maybe even today.. thanks!


I was diagnosed with menstrual migraine 20 years ago. To obtain the diagnosis, I went to an ob/gyn, not a neurologist. My doctor first gave me estrogen birth control pills, which made the headaches unbearable. He then gave me Lupron Depot shots monthly for 6 months in a row. My headaches completely stopped. He then put me on progesterone and my headaches did not return until I stopped the progesterone (there was some concern that progesterone was as dangerous for older women as estrogen, which is false).

He said if the birth control worked, progesterone was causing my migraines. If the pills made them worse, estrogen was causing the headaches. His logic held true.

Best wishes to you. I hope you get some resolution to your pain.

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That sounds very true & I am so glad they stopped for you! I have progesterone cream i picked up two days ago, do you take your form of progesterone every day or just before your headache started around your menstrual cycle?

I am only 24 years old and my doctor was afraid of putting me on progesterone this early on in my life, because he thought i might always need it from here on out.... but i am so desperate!

Just curious as to how often you needed to take the progesterone to work. Thanks SO much for the reply!

So happy you don’t get them anymore.


Topical treatments did not work for me. I tried a Merenia birth control implant (which has progesterone on it) and it did not work. Not enough of the progesterone entered my bloodstream, which was where I needed it. I started off on high doses of the pills, which eventually tapered down (over years, not quickly). I think now they will let you take the pills around your period, but my periods were not regular, and I was too sick with the headaches, so I opted to take the pills daily. Progesterone is safer than estrogen, so you don’t have to worry about taking it for a long time, like you do for estrogen. So taking the pill daily made sense.

I don’t know what the side effects are for the cream and/or the application site, but progesterone *shouldn’t* cause any major health concerns. It gives me hot flashes and mood swings. The mood swings decrease over time. The hot flashes, not so much. And insomnia, too. But all of those, in my estimation, were never as bad as one headache. Unfortunately, that will be the trial and error process.

I’m glad I could provide some encouragement to you. Again, best wishes to you.

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Hi Tia, it’s michele again. I just wanted to write to you because I actually didn’t have a migraine headache around my period these past 2 months!! But I got one today.... I’m wondering if I should take the pill everyday instead of just a week before my period. It kind of threw off my period that’s why & I remember you telling me you take it daily, do you still take it daily?


Yes, I take progesterone daily. But before you do, make sure you speak with your doctor(s). Make certain you are dealing with true menstrual migraines. I received a diagnosis recently of chronic migraine, and my migraines are not truly menstrual any more (even though I still take the hormones). I have been put on additional daily meds that help. I tell you this so you won’t suffer more than you already are. Better to cover all of your bases.


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