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CBT Does it work

after suffering from depression most of my life i have finally decided i cant carry on like this

after a string on unsuccessful relationships (been on my own for 10 years+ but who's counting)

not being able to hold a serious relationship down has been a problem due to past experiences and living a somewhat crazy lifestyle when i was younger.

i have always managed my illness by keeping myself busy working a full time job and looking after my children. they say children drive you mad but mine kept me sane . now they have all flown the nest and some days the loneliness is unbearable.

everything came to a head recently i lost 2 cousins in as many months to cancer i lost my job and then pushed away the boyfriend i had been dating for a couple of months but..... that's repetitive behaviour for me (i have behaved like this ever since splitting with my childrens dad in 1997 never letting no one get close to me again.)

I was more down than i had been in a very long time I'm on antidepressants now and they seem to be working. ( well I'm not a blubbering mess or pulling out my hair) however i still have no direction or aim in my life

i was seeing a councillor from 'think positive' and she has finally put me forward for cognitive behaviour therapy . im a little bit dubious to how this works. i feel terrified that my head will explode with all the luggage i carry around with me everyday.

is there any1 had CBT and did you gain from it

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I have and find it helps me.


I'm having it currently and it helps...

You have to try it..I can empathise with what you say , you are not alone, we are all here to help.

I think try anything that may help its all worth a try...

A great big hug to you xxxx


I have tried it and found it quite good. I won't say its changed my life but it gave me some insights into my behaviour which has to be good.

Good luck with it.

Bev x


Like hypercat , I found CBT pretty good but have still to cure my phobia BUT i really do know that it's down to me. My psych has been very good and CBT has certainly helped in many other ways. Give it a go, you have nothing to lose. I can empathise with the 'exploding head' too. Good luck. xx


I have had it too and found it helped me. Realistically different things help a bit, but there is no magic pill for Depression, I find that I have to constantly kick my own butt a lot of the time, and keep working on myself, I find Positive Psychology Group I am in the best help.

Good luck , take it day at a time.




hi, sorry i had it an came out with more probs, am now seeing a pyschcologist and find im doing well, we all different so nothing lost by giving it a try, hope it works for you xx


When I read your post I had to double take I also lost two cousins last year in the same amount of months and also lost my job. However my only other bout of depression was about 10years ago . Like you I also worked and concentrated on looking after my four children on my own like you mine are all grown and flown the nest . I opt for CBT rather than going on medication it's only once a week and I'm only on my third but I find it really helpful . The other thing I do is jog around the park or go to the gym this gets me out the house and gives me motivation . I would suggest give the CBT a try . Good luck .


I rate CBT highly but found the book Mind over Mood was far better for me than the group classes I had. But everyone is different. I also found Moodscope on the web an enormous help in identifying my moods and triggers. However, YOU have to work at it, it is not like popping a pain killer and the pain just disappearing. So I think success very much depends on the effort you are prepared to put in - CBT gives you the tools, you still have to pick them up and use them. I spent pretty much every waking hour trying to understand what were my problems and then positively looked for solutions - but then I am a strong thinker and very analytical (this strength was also part of my downfall!). Talking to a select number of friends was good too, but I never raised the topic of me, I always waited for them to ask. Either that or I raised concerns in a jovial story like manner which lowers the intensity of the topic but results were still the same. Good luck


I hate to be negative but I hated it.

I was asked several questions in quick succession and felt really intimidated by the whole process.


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