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Hi and thanks for my warm welcome on here and some lovely comments already, I have had two very tired and low, had my first and 2nd panic attacks two nights ago, very scary, anyway i want to wish everybody a nice weekend(well as nice as we can manage) i am new on here but always willing and wanting to talk. Much love to you all because we all need it. Please feel free to message and chat, i need friends and talking friends. Gary x


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4 Replies

  • Hi Gary

    I'm sorry you've been feeling anxious but it's good to know you're feeling welcomed on the website. Have you written on the website before? I haven't seen your blogs, must have missed them. Do feel free to read through all our blogs, I find that really helpful when I've feeling low and it can be helpful to think about other people and answer their blogs, takes me out of myself, I'm sure you will find that too. Have a decent weekend if you can, without too mucha anxiety. I feel a bit bored, but otherwise reasonably ok so don't need to write a blog today, but I find the website's great when I feel in need of support.



  • Hi Gary!

    Weekend is a bit boring here. The only of Wales are watching the rugby, though I'd rather fry my head!

  • lol your so funny and right lol lmao

  • Whole of Wales that should say!

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