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Taking my kids on holiday to geenacres haven in northwales so scared to leave my home anyone been?

Hi I am going on holiday on the 5th of August to greenacres haven holiday park in north Wales with my husband and 3 children

I am so scared to leave my home as I constantly feel something bad is gonna happen when I leave my country, it's only a boat away but my nerves are wrecked thinking about it

I hate being in crowds and I know I am going to have to be because of my kids

I have scars on my legs due to a car accident when I was 10, so the thought of taking my children swimming scares me to death :( wish I could snap out of this! Has anyone been to this have. Park and what's it like please?

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Hi annie we have booked devon cliffs haven in august and right now i am quite clinging to the hope it is what i need, i know it will be busy and this scares me into a right panic, i also am having problems even going out of the house to greet my wife when she has taken the kids out. I am hoping when the time comes i will have been on my meds long enough and had enough counselling that it will see me through. The crowds and indoor activities will be so hard. August is a way off so lets keep helping each other with kind and helpful words and lets see where it takes us.

Keep in touch.



Thanks Gary what we have is awful but hopefully we will get through it August is a long way away so let's hope are medication kicks in for then

All the best



my friend goes to that one at least twice a year.

I've been to hafan y mor haven which was once butlin's pwllheli.

the kids will love it, haven are very child based.

you'll probably never see the people you meet on holiday again so don't worry about what the may think.

they''ll be more interested in their selves & holiday than looking at you, and anyone rude enough to say anything is not worth a second thought.

It's natural to feel self-concious but just concentrate on your family and their delight at having you with them.

no matter how busy these places are, they're big enough to have quiter areas within each venue.

download the map and make it a fun activity with the children to plan what you can do and where to visit. this might help you feel easier.

you will be near Portmerion a beautiful italianate self-contained village where they filmed "The Prisoner" in the 60's.

also the Festineog [sp] steam railway.

there re many lovely places within easy reach.



ps can I come? )




Thanks Sandra for advice and it sounds like a lovly place. I just freak out leaving my house for one day never mind a week but hoping my behavioural therapist has sorted me out by then. Ps you are welcome to come along

Take care and thank you for your kind words

Annie xx


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