I can´t stand my neighbours!

Ok so I'm doing better at the moment. I've started to do some exercise again and I'm motivated enough to eat more healthy again and most of the time I'm okay with myself even managed to go to a job-centre appointment yesterday and have casual small talk with some strangers, that gave me quite a confidence boost.

Then I would have had a course in the evening, but I was really late for it and panicked. I should have left earlier. I just hate being late. Part of why I was late is that there were people in the corridor outside my flat.

And if I am honest I avoid other people in the corridor or lift if I can help it.The weird thing is that people in the lift are normally quite friendly and alright.

But what really bugs me are my neighbours. They don´t just use the corridor to leave or enter their flat, no they leave their door open, stand around and chat with two or three other neighbours, they let their children play football and ride their bikes there. The teenagers and Chavez stand around smoking pot and chatting.

I don´t think I can be the only one who is annoyed by that. To me if they did all that stuff at home or in the park I wouldn't´t care. But the corridor is not their private space damn it. And the majority of my floor is quiet and like me. But there are this few flats incl. my immediate neighbours who get regular police visits and are just a pain in the ass.

And If I hear them outside I delay my going out cause I so hate to cross them that I'd rather risk being late. That was never different, even when I´m really good I hate walking past them and the stupid look on their face like I´m disturbing them and no politeness, no greeting. When I greet them they say nothing, just stare at me.

I just wanted to get that off my chest and moan a little. Also if anyone has any tips how to deal with stupid neighbours and not let it get to you so much at times please share.

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  • I never exit my flat if there are people outside. I even wait until midnight or early hours of the morning to put my rubbish out :( so I don't have to meet anyone. There again I rarely go out lol. So yep a creak in the night about 3am - in my block it's me sneaking out to put the rubbish. No idea how to deal with it :( sorry

  • Thanks for the answer! I´m just glad I'm not the only one feeling that way, as the few people in my life wouldn't understand that at all. It made me smile that you wait till late at night to take your rubbish out. I like to get up very early to take it out and/or do my shopping or I wait till after 9 am when most people left for work and school.

  • I understand this, when I am quite Depressed, I hate meeting people in my Apartment building, its not the people who are the problem, its me being Depressed, now I just accept that this is the way, now I wouldnt go so far as waiting till 3am to put the bins out, that is a bit extreme, you could become a recluse very easy living like that. Mostly I am fine, but I do have making small talk when I am Depressed, and realise that `i always look too serious. I wish I could smile more.

  • Hi

    Good for you for moaning when you need to! I'm sorry, I can't imagine how awful it must be to have neighbours that are difficult as the one place we all want to feel safe and comfortable is at home. Unfortunately I can't solve the situation and I guess the only thing you can do is to keep a detailed record of any incidents that cause you real problems and aren't just irritating because of the history involved in having them living next to you, and perhaps ask housing or the police whether they are able to take action. Nuisance neighbours make life hell for everyone else, a bit like crazy drivers causing accidents, or petty thieving, louts drinking, etc it's sll so antisocial. I really feel for you. Sue

  • I know I probably should complain to my council. Cause as I've said it is only a couple of people that are irritating. The rest is fine, I've even had some nice small talk with some of them. In a way I'm scared of complaining, cause I think what if the know it was me and what if they are more criminal than I think they are. On another flat on my flore there is now a locket outside and two times in the last 10 days the police and fire brigade where here to kick a few doors down.

    I think I'm going to complain about the children and people in the corridor. They really have enough space in their homes and the park round the corner and the corridor is for everyone.

    I find my dislike of people in general really weird sometimesit's not just when I'm depressed, I always try to avoid too much contact with strangers. I can do it but I prefer not to. Though when I have that contact I'm often charming, polite and completely alright with it.to my own surprise.

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