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Reoccurring depression

Reoccurring depression. Had this for years due to events in my younger years and then in my early 20s. I feel stuck in my head and feel like i cant cope. Cant take feeling like this anymore. Iv nothing to be unhappy about yet this keeps creeping up on me and making me someone i dont want to be. I have 3 children and a very supportive husband that i feel sometimes i should just leave so my kids have a happier upbringing as im so on edge and impatient with them. I hate how i must make them feel

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I feel the same way minus the children and husband. I doubt they feel like your a burden to them, or that you make them feel a certain/negative way towards you. Like you said though, your husband is, "supportive." Therefore, although it may be hard for both of you at times, he's still not giving up on you and you shouldn't give up on yourself either. Everyone should be content, as long as you are. Please keep pushing and thinking positive, as much as it's easier said then done.


Hiya, sorry to hear about the difficulties you are experiencing. May I ask whether you have you sought or been offered support, advice, medication, other professional assistance to help you address the issues you encountered in the past and which are clearly negatively impacting your life now? Don't blame yourself - depression is a serious illness and should be treated as such. It's not your fault that you are depressed/unhappy but, with the right support, you can recover from this and become the person you want to be again. The other people on this forum and have a wealth of good advice and experience and are very supportive. Take care,


I have had therapy alot over the years and does help short term then i get back into this rut. Just struggling to see how im going to get right. Hate having to live like this. Im hurting people i love and missing out so much on my children


Please be kind to yourself. You can recover from this illness with the right medical and other support. Sometimes, it's very difficult to find out what works for you but please persevere.

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I could have wrote this entire post myself, 3 kids, supportive husband, no real reasons!

Counselling did help me a few years ago, but as times gone on and situations changed, unfortunately my black cloud reappeared. So maybe it would work for you, for now at least?

I'm sorry I can't help you more but I wanted you to know you're not alone and I'm sending you a hug x


😢😢Thank you. Iv been referred for Councilling again. Helps for a while then back to square one again. I just cant seem to snap out of it this time. How do you manage. My kids Are the reason i have to get up. I wouldnt if i could x


Exactly the same as you, I have to for my kids. My husband works away 3 weeks at a time so I have no choice. Doesn't stop me feeling bitter every morning that I have woken up that day. I just feel trapped by the kids because I love them too much to hurt them by ending it all, so I just go on. I'm going to the doctors today hopefully That will help.

That's great you're going for therapy it's better than nothing! You're doing something to help your self so be proud of yourself for that.

Do any friends or family know how you feel? X


Think the kids get us up in the mornings. So hard when all you want to do is hide. Have you had therapy before?? The kids are all that keep me here at the minute and even then i think the way i am is no good and theyd be happier without me x


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