Has anyone experienced this?

I have been dealing with low mood recently (six weeks give or take) and I have had similar periods in the past but something different has happened this time that I've never noticed before.

So I got some bad news yesterday. Basically I want to go back to University and complete my studies. Studying is one of the few things that I felt gave me purpose and could be a viable career option, I felt that I really fit in that environment and it was the last time I felt really fufilled. Yesterday I found out that my application for funding has been denied. Everything was riding on this and I keep waiting for it to hit me, for me to want to curl up and just cry my eyes out or at to feel something but I just felt really (for lack of a better description) spaced out like something really minor had happened and then I woke up today and still nothing. I don't feel happy but I don't feel teary either. I wouldn't categorise how I feel as sad even.

I literally don't know what my next step is but for the first time in a long time I didn't panic, I didn't even push myself hard when job hunting today. I feel like up to this point my feelings and resulting behaviour has been predictable. Is it shock or a delayed reaction? Has my brain just gone into overload and just given up on feeling sad. I've never experienced anything like this before.

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  • Hi,

    Are you taking any meds?


  • I'm not at the moment no. I am starting a course of CBT and have been using some depression workbooks. I suppose my concern is that it feels like I'm cheating if I continue to seek help when I've had this complete turnaround.

  • Hi, I am not sure if this is helpful but for me having experience tragic and stressful situations a number of times my threshold has increased. You said you didn't push yourself in finding a job but you are thinking in terms of finding a job. Sometimes you just need a little bit of time to feel sad or even nothing. If there is something you can do about it then try. If there is nothing you can do then change the way you think about it. I think in terms of opportunity to find something better or gain experience.

    Hope that helps

  • Thank you. I did have a more productive afternoon yesterday so maybe that helped too.

  • Well Sarah, I think you are one of the lucky ones!!

    A "switch in your brain" seems to be working and you are able to handle stress better than you did before.

    Stay positive!!


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