I was abused by a family member as a teenager and have decided to tell my family about this on Thursday. I am so worried. I just can't stop crying or thinking about what's going to happen and what people will think of me and what if there are questions I cAnt answer because my memories are hazy date wise and.......my counsellor says a specific date doesn't matter ...I just want to be believed, supported and understood.

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it is important to tell your family and yes some may not believe you but those that do will support you and help you, be strong your right to deal with it this way you must be harbouring some terrible memories and the best way to deal with them is to face them, feel free to chat you will be in my thoughts thursday



You are brave in facing the abuse and to be telling your family, but doing so will strengthen you in the long term even if you are not readily believed. You know the truth. I am glad you have support from a counsellor. My thoughts will also be with you.



I am sure your family will support you.You dont have to answer all their questions tomorrow.Say you will discuss it more in time.I am sure you will feel better when you have spoken out.remember you were the victim and that you have done nothing wrong.Crying does help me to get things out of my system.Keep foing


Thank you for all your kind messages and support am sure will be back here soon x


Hi I am really sorry to hear what you have been through miserables. Perhaps instead of telling all your family at once you can just tell one or two of them who you think might support and understand you. Then when you tell the rest of your family you know they are on your side. That will take some of the pressure off you.

Bev x


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