Keeping busy

I find that to keep yourself occupied and busy puts a block up against the bad thoughts.

I have started to do Zumba on Monday evenings and its great. I will be feeling miserable at home all day even feeling as though I can't be bothered to go. As soon as I walk in and have people around me! Even though I do not know their name nor do I know them, I feel instantly socialised. Once the music starts and I follow the leader with the steps I feel the darkness escaping me.

I would recommend that people start up a hobby enough that will blind their mind and hurt from the pain.


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10 Replies

  • I definitely agree, its just the motivation to get out of the house i struggle with x

  • Well what do you enjoy doing?



    Visiting friends?

    Be positive, have a can do attitude and try to plan each step. Instead of having a goal to get somewhere, plan things to do on the way to keep you occupied but be careful not to make it so busy that youll be bored before you get to your destination.

    For example...

    If youre wanting to go to your friends and you have to take the metro somewhere, maybes plan to walk to the metro (or however you get there) and then plan to get from the bus/metro stop to where you need to get off, then plan to get from bus/metro stop to your friends. Keeps your brain happy.

    If ever you need someone to talk to, im here :) best person to help is someone outside the situation x

  • Ur sooo right...I started training just online tutorials...I go toned dreaming of things i can make...before that, I used to cry myself to sleep every night, I would walke up and dread getting out of I get up, stand in my living room with my material and cut and see...90% of the time it all comes out completely wrong but I don't care, I will take it apart n start far I've made a dress and a peplum skirt...I still have moments where I feel low but I just sit and stare at my machine and dream up stuff to make and it makes me happy...oh and Yoga works wonders...started doing it, it makes me feel sooooo good....

    I was thinking of maybe starting up a seeing club...u dnt have to kno how to see, it's not hard either and we dnt have to be perfect....just meeting up, having a cup of tea and whatever else and sewing, talking, making lifelong friends....if u live in north London, east London area and wanna maybe have a go at this with me, send me a personal message...let us help each other...

    I hope everyone have a blessed rest of the week...

  • Hey :)

    Thats a fantastic idea! I used to enjoy sewing in school and had I have lived in London I would definitely have started that with you but unfortunately I live in Newcastle upon Tyne therefore might take me a while to get there haha.

    Thanks for your message. I may look into getting a yoga dvd and doing that in my spare time to help me relax etc.


  • Sewing club that is...

  • My apologies for the spelling mistakes...iPhone tends to change my's sewing and not

  • Youre fine :)

  • my friends keep telling me to get a hobby to take my mind off things. just that as a poor student that doesnt leave me open to alot of things! lol

    i used to love horse riding and still dream of getting my own one day so id love to do that but i guess in london theres not really alot of good places and let alown the price! its expensive back up north!

    I would like to go swimming aswell but hate my body and its a bit scary going on your own. I need to ask my house mates if they no of anywhere here.

    wish i could make a friend i could do all this stuff with. i enjoy walking but find i just think about the same stuff as i would sat in =/

    hope everyone is well on this snowy sunday afternoon


  • Where are u based hun?

  • hello i love animals and am thinking about getting another dog. my beautiful lexie died on 13 th december. she was a lovely dog. i have rehomed a cat who is not very friendly but she is getting there. i think she has been abused. my lovely rocky the cat died last january so it has been a year. i had him for 10 years and he got cancer so had him put to sleep.