I am new on here

I am new on here

Hi I am new on here I have had depression for years but it was well under control and I was even off medication at one point but I am going though a really bad phase at the moment as I have very bad hip pain. Getting passed from doctor to doctor with different answers from each one says I need a hip replacement but another says no they all say they can't help me either cause of my age (to young) or my weight (15 stone ish) basically there is no funding from pct. my doc has now been told to refer me to a professor in Coventry I think this is my last hope.

I just want to give up. As I am fed up of having no life. Is it too much to ask to have a life and enjoy life. I have gone from wanting to do the great south run to just wanting to go for a pain free walk with my dog.

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  • Hey

    Don't give up hope. It can be hard to feel strong enough to fight for the right help but don't give up and keep fighting.

    Good luck x

  • Thank you it is hard but I try not to give up hope but I think this is now my last hope. X

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