I have had moments in my life where I have dealt with my problems without medications, even group meditation(which I found very beneficial by the way)...but there came a time when my I was not weened off an certain drug and it messed me up so bad I had the worst breakdown I have ever had in my life, my doctor knew I was going off them and didn't tell me to ween off them or instruct me to!!!! I don't ever want to go through that again, even though I'm at a low place in my life right now also. I have been on Clonazepam almost 2 years and went off them once for 3 months, now I'm weening off them again. They were a wonder drug in the beginning, but has lost alot of the benefits for me, the killer is the side affects, I just want the damn things out of my system!!!!

Then my doc brings up putting me on an anti-depressant again yesterday because I definitely have depression, went from anxiety to depression(the depression and irrritation has taken over alot more than the anxiety). I have tried at least 5 different anti-depressants and I usually end up with the worst side affects and my stomach is so sensitive due to my IBS also. And I also hate that it takes so long for the drugs to get into your system, and takes so much longer to go out!!! I am pretty fed up and want to be able to deal with no prescription drugs, I hate relying on a drug to make me feel better!!! Another reason why I have been doing the homeopathic route, which is pretty rough right now also, but was told that it can be hard first starting out also.

Does anybody else feel this way, have some imput for me??? I think that my doctor has messed me up at times, I tend to feel like a guineau pig, but lately he's been more sensitive because of my stomach isssues and the side affects of pills. I just wanna be myself naturally!!!!


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  • Hi

    I'm not telling you to go against your GPs advice but you do have the right to decide for yourself and that is what I would do in your situation. Only you know whether you would rather have the depression and irritation or the side effects of meds.

    I agree entirely about the side effects. Whenever I'm particularly depressed or distressed I once again try meds and find the side effects so awful that I very soon wean back off them, often after only a few days because the effects are so bad!

    When you say the homeopathic route do you mean via a registered homepath or taking things from some store? I found treatment from a homeopathic clinic in Manchester was superb and had no awful effects at all. If you can afford to go to someone like that then it will be worth a go, if not then you may have to stick with what's available but you could read thoroughly yourself on google first and then maybe ask here if anyone has tried the remedies and what side effects they have.

    I hope you manage to settle down the meds problem.


  • I think you are right to want to live your life without depending on harsh mind altering drugs . The long term effect of these drugs can be fatal and they can cause irreversable side effects like tardive dyskinesia ( similar to parkinsons). I think its awful how doctors actually allow patients to become addicted and when they get side effects they treat this as a new symptom and prescribe more drugs. They turn the patient into a complete mess in some cases. You need to go back to square one and get your physical health back on track then you will also feel better mentally. I personally think homeopathy is amazing if you pick the correct medicine to match your symptoms . You should also look at your diet and cut out caffeine. Drink soothing cammomile tea. Take vitamin B complex and maybe take up a sport like swimming to help you to stay positive.

    I think you should read the book "Beyond Prozac" by Doctor Terry Lynch. It is a life changing book . In America, one in 5 people are taking a psychiatric drug , including many children. Mental health is big business for drug companies with more and more new disorders being merely invented each year. Soon it will be a disorder to even breathe!. I really hope you stay determined and the best of luck !

  • I have been on prescription drugs for 6 years now.I managed with GP help to get off diazepam over 3 months but when things became difficult and still taking 375 Venlafaxine he prescribed diazepam again to take as and when nec. I agree that I want to be myself again but I am totally dependent on the 11 prescription drugs I take daily.(I do have other medical problems).I now neither have the courage or will to do anything about the situation I now find myself in.I admire the fact that you have the will to investigate the homeopathic route.You are both to be congratulated.I myself am just stuck in this rut now with no method of escape.I encourage you to continue - this is rather like do as I say and not do as I do.

  • It's so hard weening of drugs, but it's not much good when they wear off also(clonazepam), and still having depression with anxiety, I use to be able to handle stress once upon a time too. I think that so much has happened that I had enough, only so long one can stay strong!!!

    My dad has beeen on adavan for 40 years, and I have a friend that has been on effexor for 12 years, and that scares me, I'm trying to fight to not be the this unhappy stranger that I barely recognize at times!!!! Having back and feet problems along with my IBS really gets to me at certain times and I just give up, and I know that "self pity" takes over.

    And when I talk about being on homeopathic meds, I mean I went to a professsional homeopathic doctor......I heard it can get better before it gets worst with the homeopathic route, and that's what I have experienced over the last 3 weeks, feel a little better but has been something else on my stomach, even today my digestive system is all messed up. I do try to stick things out and give it a chance, so I don't totally give up.

    And I don't knock anyone that takes alot of meds, I use to take alot also, and I think that's half the reason why I'm so messed up!!! I'm sorry to hear about your situation Hecter, I hope that things work out for you, even if take less meds in time is better than nothing. I drink herbal teas, b complex and digestive enzymes, vitamins....and I find walking pretty good at releasing some of my stress sometimes.....thnks everybody for the comments, advice and suggestions


  • Hi

    I've just been reading the website and they have extensive info on starting/coming off medications, I think you may find it useful to have a look.


  • Thanks, I will check into it.....