No interest in my job anymore and my health has gotten worse, along with my financial situation

I believe my job has made me sick and having an injury didn't exactly help the situation back in 2008. I know I should have been out of there years ago, but the money kept me there. My immune system got destroyed within a very short period of time, been off work due to many illnesses and just recently got diagnosed with IBS(have missed alot of time here lately because I am having a bad flare up of the IBS). Don't want to be at work and being at home too much makes me more depressed, can't win!!!! I have been really sick for the last 3 weeks, just want it to go the hell away, I was doing good with my stomach for about 6 to months, now I'm barely eating and just sleeping constantly with some imsomnia lately too. I'm on easeback for the second time and still having a hard time with my back and feet(scoliosis and flat feet), and I can't even leave because I don't have enough hours to apply for ei. I have one supervisor who has made me feel bad for being sick twice now, not helping my stress or situation. I'm in a financial rut and have probably made myself more sick with all of this because it's always on my mind, I'm at my wits end!!!!

I went into work today after missing lots of time over the last few weeks and went home within 2 hours, I really tried just wanted to get out of there and felt terribly stomach sick, is there anybody out there in the same situation and could give me some advice???:(:(

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I'm so sorry you are having such a bad time ToniaMarie35. Are they offering you any help at work such as reasonable adjustments or staged returns to work? Have they referred you to ATOS? They have certain obligations under Health and Safety to make reasonable adjustments to help you such as flexible working hours, part time hours (but only if the business could support it). They can give you more breaks and maybe help out with your workload. Ask them about it or if you have a union have a word with them.

Hope this helps and you get the help you deserve.

Bev xx


This is my second easeback return to work, but workers turned me down this time and not only once...waiting for an oral presentation. I have been on easeback since June, but it's not going well for me this time at all, and winter is always a problem cuz that's when the flu season arrives and I pick up everything, been like that for years now..can't fight off anything anymore.(was never like it before this job). I just don't think this kind of environment was meant for me to work in, not everybody can, I know I won't be one of those people who stay at those jobs for years and years, I can't handle much more really.....looking into a few options, things just haven't been going my way. And what is ATOS?

Thanks for the advice....



hi tonia marie have you asked gp for a blood test you could be anaemic that is why you are getting infections.atos is an independent medical service who determine whether you are fit for work they are working for the government and decide whether you are eligble for benefits. usually when you apply for esa then send you for a medical and atos do the medical.


I do have blood work done and nothing ever shows up, I just think it's my workplace, or it's an awful coincidence that I started catching everything not even a year into my job and it's usually in the fall and winter. I am in Canada, where is this to?


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