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The mental hospital


You cried for two hours and no-one cared,

A snake 'appeared'and you were so scared,

There was no Weetabix,no bath plug,

At night they ran out of patients drugs,

You fainted six times 'it was all in your head, '

You slashed your wrists[why?]and wished you were dead.

Belittled, assaulted and told to **** off

By a man called Dennis and you'd had enough.

Freezing by day and also by night,

Mirtazipine[45mg] ensured you were up for a fight.

A Russian stole food and some of your stuff,

And after 9 weeks you'd had enough.

You were threatened with being locked in a cell,

This happened to me ...and yes it was hell.

And I only went in to protect myself.

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It sounds like you had an awful time in hospital, It is awful that you go somewhere to get help, and you are treated so badly.


I had a dreadful time advice to anyone is to steer clear of these places.I was told I could have support in the community by the urgent care team.They took 10 hours to come and luckily a very good friend stayed with me and saved my life.I then voluntarily admitted myself and unfortunately because I complained the woman in the next bed was playing music until 1230 in the morning I was threatened by an agency nurse with being locked in seclusion.This nurse never worked there again and I am currently making a formal complaint against her.


Hi thelwell what an awful time you had. I had a breakdown many years ago and was in hospital. It was hell too. I am very sad to see those places haven't improved in all these years. When you need protection and help those places give you the opposite. I came to the conclusion that you have to be strong to survive them which rather defeats the object.

I would never go in one again and I hope you never do.

Take care of yourself and stay stong. Its not you - its them!

Bev xx


Thanks hypercat..I am glad someone else knows what it was like[although sorry you ended up in one too].And you are right its them not me ! The most support I had was from the other patients.They were among some of the kindest,sensitive, generous people I have ever come across....and I guess that is why some were in there.They couldn't cope with the cruel world.

Hope you ok now x


Just read your blog and realised you arent ok now.I'm sorry to hear that.


This is so bad,yes you expect to go to these places and be treated well, and to feel safe,that agency nurse should,nt be in the profession,I went into Northampton mental hospital, and all i can say,they were brilliant,supportive and caring,there was always someone there to talk to.Yes i was so lucky,i was there for over a month,you,r told to get in touch if your not coping,what you dont need is to be treated badly,it would put you off ,asking for help.What i have found, is.the local hopital, when ive ended up there, due to cutting or overdosing,they have treated me like muck,on one occassion,i had to ask three times for water,and something to eat,i was more or less ignored,you already feel so bad and being treated like you dont exist,it does,nt help.your taking up a bed,We all know, how pushed theNHS is,we dont ask to have mental health problems,it is pure hell,my heart goes out to you thelwell.We are all here for you,take care x


I sort of feel - been there - done that.Do take care thelwell.We are here to support each other.


Thanks Hecter............I feel supported by all the comments and identify with a lot of them.People don't really understand mental illness.Some think you can just ' snap out of it' IF ONLY ! My friend did my hair today which made me feel better..she is an ace hairdresser.She said the first time she visited me in the hospital she went home and cried the place was so awful and if she could she would have brought me straight home.For the first time today I realise how ,much this must have affected all my friends.I have virtually no family but am lucky with my friends ,who jave been very supportive.


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