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The worst job interview ever! and how do I make sure I don't let it affect me

I had another job interview this morning. It lasted one minute. I didn't know enough about the company and the man said "let me stop you right there. I expect senior managers in my business to know a lot about the company. Based on your answer your interview is over". I was shocked to say the least. I can feel his words still in my head. I feel shaky and am dreading my next interview on Tuesday. I am nervous about talking and making another mistake. I can feel all my confidence slipping away.

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Hi, I would hold onto the fact that with an attitude like his you are better off not working for the company! I hope you get back your confidence soon, rudeness is his problem, not yours. Suexx

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Thanks Sue x


Hello BOB here

Sounds like He had made his decision regards placement, before you arrived and the position was closed.

Yo are better of not working there.

Dust yourself down, say to yourself bad mannered b....... And start again




Thanks Bob xx


Hi there. All interviews are a learning curve even the awful ones.

1. Learn from it and make sure you know all about the company who is interviewing

2. Thank your lucky stars that that man is not your boss. He was v. Rude

3. Dust yourself down and realise that like actors or writers there will be

Some you win and some you won't. Remember all the rejections that

J.K Rowling had before someone bought Harry Potter.

4. Best of luck. Be strong . You can do it. Breathe deeply if you get nervous.



Totally agree with the above post, keep positive and use breathing techniques for nerves. Never give up.


Agree that it really sounds as if it wouldn't have been the right place for you. The interviewer was very rude and sounds as if he could really be a bit of a bully. Try to remember that interviews are a two way process - as much about whether you like them as whether they like you and the way they behave to you in the interview is important. And if an interviewer doesn't know that and doesn't behave accordingly then that is there problem. It's probably a response that has you thinking that you don't want to know any more about this company and you'd never apply for another job there and if you were in a position to use a service from them you would probably chose not to. Try to focus on that.


All the advice you have all given is great. I am going to file this one away and remember to never treat anyone how this guy did


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