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Six months ago I started with depression. I really did hit rock bottom. I went to the doctor and got help anti depressants and just talkin to her. Things were going well until recently. I feel I have started to slip backwards and I don't know what to do.

I struggle to open up and talk to people at the best of times. Partly cause I've always been that way and partly cause I'm sick of hearing the phases chin up and snap out of it.

I just wanna be happy again. I'm.lost at the moment. I don't know what to do or were to turn.

Sorry for unloading but I guess I needed to do something.

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Hi Dipypedro

Its a hard illness to come to terms with. I've had it 19 years & each time I lapse feels worse than the time before.

It is hard to open up but I find it easier by talking to strangers because you are right friends & family who dont understand do say things like chin up, tomorrows a new day.

Even wrting on paper I find theraputic. Just wirte down how you are feeling at the time !& put it away for another time.

Maybe you should go back to your GP, He/She may up your dosage & refer you for councilling. I myself prefer the one on one talking therapy but I do know that Community Physciatric Nurses are stretched to the limit at the moment so hopefully by comming here & telling how you feel will be beneficial to you. You are not alone there are so many of ys.

I'm no expert but I hope I've helped you a little bit.

Take care.





I'm sorry you're feeling so awful. You don't say whether you are still on antidepressants or whether they helped when you were taking them? You say you talked with the GP but not whether you found it helpful. It does sound to me from what you write that you feel talking may be what you need but that you find it difficult because of the way you feel you are as a person but also because people to tell you to snap out of it which of course you can't do - if you could you would!

I wonder what kind of help you would ideally like to find, in a fairytale world - I'm not suggesting you can find the fairytale but I think that if you are able to start to understand what kind of help you tend towards then you can begin to start looking for it. I hope that makes some sense.

Do come on the website again as I've found it really helpful to get other peopl's perspectives on my problems.



Thanks for the replies it good to know there people out there who understand what I'm goin through and that I have people to talk to. It really does mean a lot to me.

It weird but I felt better after writing this.

I've spoke to my doctor again today and we had a really good chat. Talk about some issues and I do feel better for it. She also put my name down for counselling.

Thanks for taking time to read my story and replying. And thanks for the advice. Does mean a lot to me, to know even strangers take time out of their lives to help one another

Simon x x


We are not strangers here. We are all in the same boat.I do feel it helpful to write things down.I personally write things down for my GP and if he is concerned by what I write he invites me to come for an appointment.I am on a weekly perscription so constantly in touch with my GP.Everything you say is familiar so keep in touch


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