Depressive yet relative lyrics

Somehow I feel I have accomplished something recently.

Although singing is not my expertise, I decided to write myself a set of lyrics that I can relate to, and wish to share those lyrics with this community. I have sung the lyrics into a video, which I uploaded to YouTube. For referencing purposes only, here is the link:

I've censored parts of the lyrics because some of it is inappropriate. Though for the uncensored, check the link above.

Here are the lyrics, maybe some of you can relate to them:

[chorus (x2)]

Let's all start a revolution (x2)

Starting a revolution

The wars, the lies, and prices rise

Fit for the air now let's get high

To night, just to make things right.

The eagles, the rabbit and the lost frontier,

Destroyed in battle and the coast is near,

Forget the loss, the pain, the future

and the death that holds us together.

I wanted to, break free from this,

the burden of the world now clinging on,

To the song, the size, and the lies

that makes us all a part of it.

Now there's not much to do,

Our rights, our lives are pointless,

So do the prices starts to sing goodbye.

That's when we start singing... [chorus]

The angels, the hell and the pictures gone,

Just enough time to defend the young,

Though what, I've seen, has nothing to

get washed away.

That's because it already has, long ago

before man had chance,

To ever make up law, did it really work?

The rules, the texts, the pressure too,

Just to let the companies go "wakkadeedoo",

$#%& it all up like the greedy

@~#£%&$&# they are now.

The pain, anguish the torture that fits,

In humanity when the money isn't there,

Economy fails and we go with it,

The system that can never work.

So that's why we sing... [chorus]

Did you forget the end of the world?

Did you forget my sudden words?

The words that forgot to forget the past.

I wanted to know, we're all fighting,

we're all singing, we're all in this together.

Did you end up here?

Did you sing like her?

The love, the care and where the life is worthing.

It's just another day, just another failure,

Just another one of those emptiness inside of me.

Can't forget the past, can't stop thinking the politics,

But now that we are here, we must put this right.

So that's why we sing... [chorus]

Hope you have enjoyed reading the lyrics - it's the best I could do.


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  • Hi

    Thanks for sharing

  • Well done for being so creative and for sharing with us all.

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