A Series of Ways to Avoid Making your Depression Worse

I have been reading up on Depression quite a lot recently and have decided to write this article to help others on how to avoid depressive moments and prevent your depression from getting any worse than it is now.

1. Television - Even if it is your favourite television show, it is not necessarily a decent idea to follow the rule of engagement. By this, I mean you shouldn't react to a show in which may otherwise encourage the actions or reactions illustrated by the acting or the show itself. While some people may be able to tolerate some shows in several genres, others may not. Experiment and identify what is making you angry and try to avoid it. I enjoy comedies, and I will not lie and I do like watching Hannah Montana. However, several episodes has made me angry to the point where I have reacted to the silliest of situations.

A weakness of mine would be my reaction toward the media. But then, the media just makes everyone generally angry - so I would encourage that you don't even listen, read or watch the media on any form. It is the media that mostly promotes the violence and abuse of others on a medium that is somehow authorized by law, even though it violates Human Rights to Life to illustrate graphical abuse or violence to young.

2. When communicating with others - take the neutral approach. Don't lash out on others when they say something that may come across as abusive. Try to take these things as jokes, react calmly and make friendship with these people. Neutrality is greatly reputable.

3. You are perfect to the bearer of the imperfectionist - and it will ensure that you can come across just as smart as anyone else. Do not take things seriously, and certainly do not make judgments. It is not required and this is the main cause leading up to depression. As with the previous comment, approach the stranger neutrally.

4. Avoid headaches - this means taking regular breaks from your every day activities, drinking lots of water and avoid caffeinated beverages (not that I can say much). Make sure to eat a lot of vegetables, fruit and certainly increase your fiber intake. I tend to eat a lot of pasta - why fiber? Fiber is a nutrient that helps aid initial engagement with your every day activities, among other necessities.

5. Try to avoid anti-depressant tablets unless it is really necessary - many medication, including tablets, generally contains forms of ingredients that isn't always known to many and causes side effects. A lot of ingredients added to tablets may also be more dangerous than adjusting your diet accordingly to avoid pain and suffering.

6. Don't do it if it doesn't help - I have tried to adjust to different diets and this is sometimes only made me feel worse. Sometimes if I try to eat too healthily, my stomach tends to feel bad. But this is because it is already adjusted to a diet that you are currently on. Sickness is a common illness, but it is in fact healthy to be sick than not to be sick, as it will help your immune system to prevent such occurrences later in life, especially when you reach late 30s when your immune system decides to give up on defending you.

The earlier you treat things, the better your body will react when it happens again.

7. Meditate! - It isn't science fiction, and you don't have to believe in anything to meditate. Just simply sit on your couch in a quiet room, maybe play some calm, relaxing music and try to forget things for a while. This is the best way to combat negative thoughts such as committing suicide.

Before meditating, or even attempting to, I would recommend to change your diet a week in advance as this will help aid momentum in your meditation when you come to doing it. I have attempted to meditate now and again, and I fail to really make my mind feel thoughtless due to my diet and my activities on the computer - I think too much.

8. Socialize more, but avoid noisy places - and you should talk to people about your feelings and thoughts, generally friends and family you trust. You should have your friends know in advance only to acknowledge you and to understand your feelings than to turn your conversation into a joke. Though joke around with friends plenty in a behavioural manner for the laugh, as this can help to keep your mind off negative thoughts.

9. Love or not? - This is very tricky to judge as this could essentially make your life worse if you are turned down from a relationship request. I would highly encourage staying friends with others unless you have a strong enough heart to bare the consequences if you do have any relationship trouble. If relationship trouble is possible, and you know your reaction is going to be over the top if you lose it, I would discourage even attempting to ask someone out on a date. I would solely rely on friendship as my source of love and care as I know I can be very serious.

When I lost my previous girlfriend, I became obsessed and did cry much. I did not like the consequence and it hurt too much to even look back to. I will not be returning to the world of relationships yet until I feel confident enough that is what I require when the time is right.

This is just nine out of the many other things you can do. You could read books that suits you (taking point 1. into consideration of course when doing so), carry crystals around as you socialize, shop with friends.

If you are in education or you are working, I would recommend that you tell your colleagues that you may have depression of some form and let them know that you may need to slow down on your working abilities - this means that your colleagues will then know that you require support and should not put pressure on you (at least they shouldn't anyway, it would be considered violating the Health and Safety Act to put pressure on you in bad situations as it implies risking co-worker survival ability/life). You should take regular breaks from work and not to force yourself to do something you do not want to do, as this would only make your depression worse.

I hope this article can be helpful to many.

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    Thanks for sharing I can second meditation as a good way to help with depression and anxiety.