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Some days I feel scared and worried about the future. I know. There’s nothing to be scared but at times I feel worried

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it`s natural to have worries we all have them but don`t let them rule your every thought.

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Sam30london in reply to kenster1

You are absolutely right! However sometimes the thought overpowers in the mind which causes these worries. Despite of all advises therapies and guidance still the thought builds up the anxiety.

I totally feel you on this my friend no matter how good things are going for me I get in my head the everything is going to be bad in the future

I don’t know what the future holds. Past okay made few choices which could of been deceased. Present now is just hard man.

I hear ya its rough to think about, just have to try and keep moving forward...

Personally I feel at an early age we can worry what will happen when we become older. For example will I be still around when I am thirty, fourty fifty etc. All I can say this is not an uncommon problem. I know in my case when younger I was very much the same as I grew up. Now at seventy one that disappeared in my fifties and to be honest there is no reason for your concern

If you had an accident tomorrow and died, what would you do, nothing you are dead and that is all. We all have accidents when younger I drove into an old sandstone wall and survived obviously It was the start of a disability although we need to move on as best as we can. No good what if, you would eventually or ever remember your passing over. Consider it may be you will awake in another world and start again in different curcumstances ?

There is nothing you can do, had a further accident where I drove over a revine, and I woke up in hospital. All is just part of Life, we will if permitted carry on in life errors we learn from and keep on living and learning.

If you have to go, you have to go and that is the end of it really. We cannot try and negotiate when time is up, come in number ten your time is up, it is all down to those circumstances we find ourselves in.

To be honest with you I now become quite wimsickle about the whole thing

If you go into a hospital they may be treating you for a cancer, there is no negotiation , if things go sour.

Get on with life and enjoy all that is around you, consider your alternatives when someone like the Lord pulls your strings and is stronger than you ?


You’re right

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