Had really bad night, made me cry with fear, everytime I tried to go to sleep I got the electric shock jolt in my head, went into double figures, seriously thought a brain tumour, didn't think it wasn't going to end, I sobbed thinking I'm too scared to sleep, wt hell is happening, too scared to tell doc, even asked god to end it its torturous certainly not normal so worried xxx mandy😢

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  • If you are in the UK who not either phone the NHS helpline or go to the drop in centre and hopefully they can reassure you. x

  • Hi Mandy,

    Some info on the brain zap :

    I have not personally experienced this but have had the dubious pleasure of Sleep Paralysis, adrenaline surges and the internal chest/ stomach vibrations on going to sleep and waking.

    Seems to be connected to a fluctuation in brain chemicals - certainly figures with me as a recent illness has messed my hormone balance up.

    Whilst I agree that such odd sensations are uncomfortable and scary, they are not in themselves dangerous and if you can hang tight, they soon pass.

    I wonder if you are on menopause that might interfere with hormone levels or have recently started, stopped or changed any of your medications ?

    Bodies can be such annoying things, when we just want to get on with sleeping !

    I take a vitamin/mineral supplement to ensure I get all my body needs, as I am not the best eater.

    I also find low relaxing music at bedtime can help.

    Angela x

  • I am menapausal but dont take anything would rather ride it out meds anti anxiety I have had for over 35yrs, havenhad sleep paralysis too this one is soo scary as all are but they wouldnt stop, multiples, I've had enough 35yrs with this ahit scuse me I'm fed up why is this happening non of my siblings get this, I'm angry confused and questioning what the hell have I done too deserve this I might ask the man up in the clouds surely if he loves us he wouldn't put this upon someone whome has always respected their elders would give my last penny to anyone in need and have a heart of gold. And brought 4 children up to succeed in this world and contribute, and have same values as me, what the hell is my purpose, I feel to suffer, I dunno why.?xx mandy☹

  • Oh Mandy,

    I am so sorry this has affected you so badly for so long.

    I have some health problems/ disability too and it doesn't seem fair at times does it ? We have done nothing to 'deserve' it. It is just the hand we have been dealt.

    I would advise that you get some blood tests, if you haven't already done so. I am thinking hormones, thyroid levels, B12 and other vitamins. It is surprising how deficiency or low levels of certain vits and hormones can affect the way our systems run. It may be good to rule any deficiencies and if any are found, possible to restore the balance.

    If no medical reasons can be found then it is a matter of looking at

    Psychological techniques to help with the way you think and feel.

    Have you had any CBT or similar help ?

    Angela x

  • I take multi vitamins everyday and cod liver oil capsules, cbt doesn't work well I say it doesn't I cant get there cant go out alone, nor travel on public transport, I get too anxious and confused, had a bad experience a little while ago, tried on my own and boom full on panick attack, I thought I was a gonna, flagged a taxi he wouldn't help drove off my home felt so far away, asked people for help and they looked at me like I was on drugs or something cos of the state I was inn, how I managed to get home beats me but I did, and would never try it again. Ever xx mandy😓

  • If you suffer from anxiety you will worry over these sensations, that can be natural feelings put your mind at rest see your GP, there are various tests that may put your mind at rest


  • Oh dear,

    The positive I am taking from your experience is that you DID get home, by yourself, with no help, in spite of feeling so bad. This is a good start and proof to yourself that it can be done : )

    It is a question of training your brain not to overreact in this way. At the moment, you seem to be stuck in the cycle of being afraid of what may happen in public, which then triggers your fear response to go into fight or flight mode, hence bringing on the panic attack.

    The mechanics of adrenaline mode in a panic attack are fast heart rate, shaking, nausea, sweating, sometimes dizziness, shortness of breath, fear. Your body prepares itself to fight or flee, putting up heartrate to give greater oxygen to muscles, make your awareness and reactions quicker and giving you a wild boost of glucose energy ! Horrible feelings but not harmful. In reality, the physical effects only last about 10 mins before subsiding.If you can find a quiet place to ride out the unpleasant sensations and accompanying alarm, recognising that this is a natural body process, rather than a dangerous symptom of body illness and that it will subside after a short while,it will become less distressing. View it for what it is - a clinically normal response to feeling threatened or afraid.

    This may have been a useful body emergency back up system in caveman times, when being chased by a sabre toothed tiger but we don't get a lot of those when out and about these days ! : )) So it is a natural but out of place fear response. Hope this explanation has helped to reduce the fear.

    Are there any quiet walks near where you live where you could go , perhaps walk your dog if you have one, to get your confidence back up ? Maybe take a walking stick in case you feel an attack coming on - something to lean on ? Any friends/ relatives that could accompany you to appointments ?

    I do feel that you need to be persistent in explaining to your GP how severe and restrictive your anxiety has become. Perhaps there are other meds that you could try ? x

  • Sometimes people have this problem when trying to sleep, if you are not happy contact the NHS Helpline and explain your worries. They will try and put your mind at rest. Of course you can go into A and E or call your Surgery on Monday

    Are you taking any medications that could be causing this sensation ?? I have the same problem sometimes as I fall asleep generally it is nothing to worry about as long as you are not showing any facial ticks etc after the attack.


  • Have had them before but last night seemed never ending, been on same meds 35yrs daren't have tests done in case they find something rather not know, xx mandy

  • Hi Mandy,

    While I understand that having tests which may show a problem could seem daunting, I think some simple basic bloodtests could be useful.

    Chances are, if anything does show like a low level of a particular hormone it can easily be fixed. Better sleep for you , less worry of wondering what might possibly be wrong and a better quality of life.

    Win, win : )

    Hope you have someone who can accompany you to get some checks and give you peace of mind.

    Take care,

    Angela x

  • Hello Mandy

    Last week I was called in for tests given to men on their 65 birthday it was to check the Aorta that feeds the lower part of the body. There were three outcomes one was a clear result, the second a result that showed a part negative result and the last an operation where the result was a fifty five chance of dying under the knife. Men are given the chance of either accepting or not. The middle result would also result in a test every three months. I accepted and had the test done. It was an ultra sound of the lower chest and tummy, the result was given straight away. Mine was clear as was many that were also having the test.

    If you knew the result and it was a caution and it was checked regular the possibility of living was very good. as was a negative result

    If we are frightened by the result say in Breast Cancer you would be more frightened if nothing could be done and the Morgue awaits.

    To understand you are ok therefore must be better than not knowing so to be honest if they catch it sooner rather than later than the test saves worry and possible life. It is a no brainer as far as both of us are concerned.

    Yes you suffer from that anxiety is it not better to have tests and live longer, just a suggestion


  • Hi Mandy

    Just to let you know, I sometimes get the brain zaps too although not as many as you mentioned. I read in Dr Clare Weekes book that they are completely harmless and actually a sign that your brain is trying to settle to sleep.

    I feel like you do too regarding what have I done to deserve this ... I've always tried to do right by people, work hard and raise my kids. Yet for some reason I get phases where my life feels like hell.

    But they pass eventually. This will pass too.

    Take care xx

  • Mandy, please be assured that the illnesses that we suffer have nothing to do with our morals.We don't escape because we're good people and we don't suffer because we're not.

    You have a bad case of anxiety--so do I, especially when I get it into my head that there's something seriously wrong with me and that's quite often. Your medication should be thoroughly checked out as it doesn't seem tobehelping you as much as it should. I agree that you should take someone you trust with you when you go for the checkup and it is very important that you accept that this decision will help you . Just think how lovely you would feel if your anxiety was reduced. Surely it's worth a short time of feeling afraid to reap the reward of feeling so much calmer. You can't be sure that you are presently on the right medication for you. Come on, Mandy. For your own sake, go for it.

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