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My life is hell, I’m drowning feel so alone 😢 want help but so called professional people haven’t a clue, so if they have no clue what hope is there for me. I’m not living I’m just here. Why ????????

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You deserve the best. You deserve happiness. When you see this may you heal and live life to full.

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worthless in reply to Foggy123

I wish this for myself so much. But just can’t see away out. I just wish things were taken out of my hands. Let it all be over. Everyday is the same as the one before. I’ve tried so many things but my body wants to now give up and to be honest I’ve had it with this life, it’s empty and worthless just like I am.

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Foggy123 in reply to worthless

Just try very hard to get better and keep it together Try everyday to find something to appreciate nature, your breathing and body. So many people have it hard, so many health and disabled problems but they keep trying to live and every small step is to be celebrated. Do I make sense?

You do. I am disabled and also have a disabled son. Words are easy to share. Living every day isn’t so.

Everyone has their pain and mine is real too

I do appreciate your kind words. Just most days I hear the same, I want someone to truly listen to me. But when I see professional people it’s the same thing over and over. There not truly listening to my words, there writing down what they want to hear. When they leave my home as I’m not able to leave to see them I feel worse that I did before they got hear. Specialists/ professional people all talk nonsense. It’s like white noise to me. Then I get the report of there appointment with myself. Surprise surprise it’s all there words how I feel so on and so on. What’s the point. Listen to me truly listen. Dee

can I ask what your words are...what do you want to say that they're not hearing....tell me what you would say it was me sat with you listening. it seems to me they're not letting you open up and let all your fears anxieties and hopes come out. what could happen in your life for you to want to live for you to feel you're more than just existing.... I've been where you are and if you want to open up to me I will listen and hear yiur voice and won't judge

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Nb72 in reply to worthless

I totally hear ya

It’s not you or your kind words, xx

Thank you for that and I understand the struggles around disabled people from friends and my son’s struggles

Same as it’s hard, even harder when you have a disabled child, I myself am disabled due to an operation that went horribly wrong, I also have a 9 year old son who is disabled with many very difficult challenging problems. Today is the day I decided to rejoin healthunlocked.com after many years away. Not really a good day for me to rejoin for other reasons, like my sons school 😡 but I’m back in the hope to sort myself out hopefully x

I hope your son’s school works out. I remember how important it was for my son when he had challenging behaviour and helped his communication needs. It is very important to support them. I had very good social worker that found my son the 24 hour care he needed and as he got stronger extra and expert help was needed

Hey I know in the bouts of mental illness things can feel the worst but they don't have to be that way. I am also disabled both mentally and physically. The only real connections I have ever felt were with other disabled people. If there is a place you can meet with them in your area I would. You especially have to stay strong for your son. Being disabled in a judgmental world is hard but it would be even harder if you lost a family member. It is impossible to be a parent and be worthless. Kids need their parents I know first hand because I see how my dad is messed up from my grandma committing suicide and I guarantee that no matter how things seem in order for your kid to thrive you have to be there for him.

My son is my world, he is my beating heart. My reason for being so thankful for him, 20 years to have him we never gave up hope of having a child together, no matter how hard or tough things have and will be for his future, I will always be by his side and him me, but my own none selfish issues and disabilities are the route of all my thoughts and sadness.I like thousands of others don’t wish to be like this and for sure I have lost many people in my life because of it. The only person I had was my mum and I lost her February 2021. Coming to terms with the loss of her is killing me. I have no other support in my life. No friends, no network. My son is none verbal so most of the time is spent just talking away to him. But I can tell he loves it by his smile.

Saying all this yes my life is truly lonely and very dark,

Most nights when I have my son settled I just sit and cry. I know I have everything I could ask for but life is bleak for me.

Thank you for all your kind words xx

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Nb72 in reply to worthless

Msg me anytime we can chat maybe get to know each other

I second that, feel free to chat with me. I've got plenty of time on my hands right now, and if you need someone to listen to you, I can do that. I don't expect any support or anything in return. I've been helped for free, I'm just willing to pass on that favour.

Sending you love and strength hoping it finds you. The world and your son are better off because you are a part of it. Don’t ever doubt that

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worthless in reply to Openguy

Thank you. What a beautiful thing to say. I truly appreciate it. Xx

I’m so sorry. Everyone hits dark places sometimes. I know it feels never ending. I know it’s hell. But you have a tribe who knows what it’s like. You’re not alone. There are good people out there and if you keep looking, you’ll find what you need. Maybe an online coach would be better than a therapist. Don’t give up. One step at a time, even baby steps. Yeah, trite, I know. Trite but true. One small, positive accomplishment can lead to where you want to be.

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worthless in reply to 406M

I truly hope so. I know now that I need some sort of help it can’t be talking therapy or mental health team. As they make my thoughts worsen with constant asking if I’m suicidal. I understand it’s there job but not when people are at there lowest. It’s positivity we all need and I’m certain I will find this here. Thanks to you all my tribe. Xxxx it’s good to have others to talk too it’s been many years of being alone

On your way, already, my dear.

Give urself bit credit uve done well

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