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Hi I'm kelly9898

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Hi I'm new I suffer with mental health anxiety and emotionally unstable borderline personality disorder I also suffer from being an alcoholic many years ago which caused my chronic terminal pancreatitis when I was 22 I have had it ever since I am now 43 and believe me it that you know all the time what you have I had so many issues it's too many to write and put down but I would also like to be out there for anybody that is suffering with mental health I am engaged to my partner who suffers with severe borderline personality disorder and

schizophrenia which is very hard to be with somebody like that at times as he doesn't know his own brain at times never mind mine but we work through it as a team I love him with all my heart and I know he loves me but with both of us having mental health it is extremely hard we don't live together but we can't live without each other either I saw a hell of a lot with my mental health on my own in my own bungalow with the blinds shut as because I don't have great health I really don't want to see the outside world because I can't live in it and I can't be in it because of my conditions I do battle with alcohol everyday of my life as I am an alcoholic I can't say I was because I will always be one but that got me when I was very young and I was very unlucky to get what I got but I did and I still carried on drinking I lost my dad through drink and I still carried on drinking what's a fall I've been but after losing my dad I lost my fiance of 18 and a half years to my best friend of 32 years so that f***** my head up big time and to be honest it's pretty hard to get over the fact of somebody who you love could do that to you but there is some people in life out there that are just out there to pull you down to mess your head up you know when you have mental health is so easy to get messed up in the head and think of stupid things when there's no need to think like that as I said I would love to be there for anybody that does suffer with mental health anxiety borderline personality disorder this makes you schizophrenia anything like that I have experiences in dealing with them illnesses as with me and my partner we can build quite a list up so right this is my blog for my first attempt it might be rubbish please don'tJudge on my post I am just being as honest as I can but would love some feedback please thank you

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That's true kelly they say life is what you make it but in dark mind times and I'll health and that demon of mental health becomes very hard bless you keep going be strong minute by minute then hour by hour then day by day be positive...hard I know keep that town upside down 😁

Hello and Welcome Kelly

Going through a bad time, I suppose if you could get the drink into some form of control you will feel less maudlin and would be able to move on

I do drink, in moderation, a strong beer and a large double Malt Whiskey although now I do not drink when I am feeling down in the mouth, normally three days a week and that is rarly extended.

I live on the English/Scottish Border so many northerners do dampen the apron. Would you consider your drink problem is caused by your mental health and that that in turn causes you your worries, low mood etc ?

Consider why you do drink and what the basic causes are, hopefully you will move on and make any moderate changes with your condition.

In my case I am disabled, with a memory disorder and Psa, I have been bad now for over forty years and to be honest I have found all that effects me are my own worries fears and low mood. Although I do feel now I do not let the drink knock me down all it does is help me relax and try and consider positive actions that will help me move on

What drinks do you prefer, how much do you drink ? I feel personally from my past the basic problems are based around that


My father used to be alcoholic and know of some of the struggles. Well done and hope you find strength to continue and be free of alcohol the best to you prayers

Sounds as if you've had a tough time and sorry you are an alcoholic. I was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder about 6 years ago, I have since been on the correct meds and I am managing my condition at long last. I know it can take a while to get the correct meds and they don't always work for everyone, I must have gotten lucky. I have been warned not to come off them as I could get ill again very quickly and they may not be able to pull me out of it. Hope that you can sort out your life it sounds as if you love your partner a lot.

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