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Nothing left

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I feel like an empty f****** vessell with nothing left to give. Everything is so f****** hard. Friends who I try talking to about things just interrupt me and make it all about themselves. I am so f****** tired and running on f****** empty

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i get that, im feeling the same way, if u wanna explain more id be glad to try and help. I get so tired of people tryna make everything about themselves too

No swearing I understand but when people are so low in themselves swearing seems the last thing they care about. What if this is the only way this person can express himself what harm is he doing, others should except people for what and how they are trying to come across with there feelings. Like myself to frighten to say the wrong thing. This is the trouble with the world today. To politically correct, let others say what they wish to say in what ever manner they wish, it’s not aimed at anyone other than himself. Self expression. Compassion is what’s needed not being told you will be kicked off site. I’m also an honest person and say what’s on my mind with how I feel. okay maybe I would word things differently but this is just to please others and not offend, why is life like this,

Please do not swear, it is not allowed here and you can be taken down from site. Some times this can be a problem and also it can be made worse when we talk to friends around us. You mention how you feel, sad to say you do not explain the actual reasons for this condition. It can be very hard to move on as we seem to end up baging our head against a brick wall. You need to understand your problems and concerns.

Talking and eplaining how you feel to others sometimes just makes matters worse and this amplifies the problems you have and that can lead to losing friends and some misinformed work mates and family members


Feel free to pm me and we can talk...

Can’tdealanymore , Same feel free to talk. In what ever manner you wish, I’m happy to just listen no matter what words you use 😄

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