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I feel nothing, but I have no reason to?


Well, I'm new here for one thing, and I just feel really confused. For months on end now, I haven't been able to feel anything. Like when I should be sad, I just feel so neutral and I don't know why I've felt so detached. Others may have a reason, for example, a trauma that occurred, that ended up with their emotions being almost non-existent or neutral to anything else. However, I have no reason to feel this way. I feel consistently bored, nothing that used to interest me makes me the least bit interested anymore and I just feel so, I don't know, empty? Useless? I'm not sure. I appreciate any advice or possible suggestions any of you may have to help this because I don't think that this could be any sign of depression. (I say that because I talked to my parents about it and they both agreed that it was just me being paranoid...) However, if it turns out to be something like that I would like to be notified... Thanks in advance.



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Hiya, and welcome to the community.

Speaking from experience those sound like pretty classic symptoms of depression. Have you considered speaking to a health professional about how you’re feeling, for example your GP? They might be able to shed more objective light on the situation.

All the best,


adampenny in reply to Hidden

Heya, thanks for the welcome. I might just try that out! Medical professionals will certainly know how to help. I more than appreciate the advice, Thomas. Thanks.

Hi these can be symptoms of depression and the only way you are going to get a proper diagnosis is through a medical professional.

There are a number of online depression tests so why not google a few of them as they might give you a guide to what is going on. x

adampenny in reply to hypercat54

Thanks for the advice hypercat54. I think I'll try contacting a professional as you said and see how things go from there! Tests may help me clarify my symptoms as well. It means a lot for you to take time and comment to help me out, so thank you yet again.

You are more than welcome adampenny. Let me know how you get on please. Meanwhile stay with us as this is a very friendly and supportive site and we will help you all we can. x

adampenny in reply to hypercat54

I'm certainly planning to do so! It seems like a community that could help me a lot, and that's what I need right now. Thanks for your help.

hypercat54 in reply to adampenny

Tell you something adampenny your reaction is one of the reasons I like to come in here and help others. Having a response like yours is worth any number of new people who never come back in or those who just get angry when you try and help them.

Thank you. x

Hello adampenny, welcome. I'm glad you found your way here . It's a place that can be trusted and the community is very supportive. I am not a Doctor , you need to see one. What you describe sounds very much like depression. Be glad you live in a time when attitudes are changing about mental illnesses and research has shown that we can help ourselves . Healthy eating, exercise, therapy, maybe medication can be part of your wellness plan. If you're comfortable sharing information let us know how you get on. Pam

Good morning Adampenny and welcome to this very supportive and caring community.

It is lovely to see that so many members have responded to your post. I would agree with their comments that it would be a good idea to make an appointment to visit your GP. Take someone with you if that feels more comfortable for you also make it a double appointment time so that you don't feel rushed at all. Also if you find that you can't express your thoughts, write down the salient points for the health professional exactly how you feel them. Good luck and please keep in touch with us as I am sure our members would like to hear how you are getting on. Best wishes,

MAS Nurse.

adampenny in reply to MAS_Nurse

Thanks, and it seems like this community is a place that's really supportive for others in this situation as well. I more than appreciate the help, and I'm thankful for everyone taking time to comment in order to help me feel better!

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