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New girl blues

Hello all, I am new to this forum scene, I have joined because I have depression but my support network struggle to understand it. I am lucky to have people around me who really care but I feel very isolated sometimes because they just can't understand this wholly engulfing disgusting illness which I wish every time it reappears would just leave me alone. I have just increased my sertraline dose from 150-200mgs and I am hoping to feel better soon. Does anyone have any advice about sertraline? Or, does anyone feel as pi$$@d off as I do at this monster?

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Hi I am sorry to hear that you are feeling the way you are, I have anxiety and I sometimes feel like that. And with the sertraline if it don't help then I would go down to 50MG as that's what I am on and it helps but I have a few very hard weeks and still am at the moment, but yes not everyone understands, but I do as I know where your coming from. If you want to talk message me x

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Hello, sorry, perhaps my post wasn't that clear, I started on 50mgs sertraline earlier this year, I have just increased it to 200mgs, 3 days ago, if you are feeling crappy still, perhaps you should think about going up? It's so hard sometimes, I have two littleones also, it is sometimes really tough but thanks for your reply 🙂

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That's ok and sorry it didn't make sense, aww what age are they. And here if you want to talk as I am the same x

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Thank you, I will keep it in mind. Good luck for your journey 🙂

That's ok, take care and stay safe, keep positive xx


The medication takes about five weeks to begin working so be patient.

Has your Doctor arranged a further treatment for you ?

Try Relaxation Technique, MINDFULNESS books available on Amazon and other bookshops

Consider Hobbies and Diversions to take your mind of your Anxiety


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