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Looking back on your 5 year self, what would be your advise be to deal with your Sleeping issues?

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I'm pretty sure answering this question could help a bucket load of people already with your experiences sleeping issue(s).

Can the more experienced people go all out and detail how you would help yourselves at the beginning of your journey with your sleeping issues (an adult version of you) or someone who had just found out/been diagnosed with your condition or simply that they identified with it?

feel free to include any habits that you changed, how to navigate your countries healthcare system, which jobs helped you adjust to a more agreeable lifestyle, the use of crutches such as alcohol, coffee. drugs; which supplements helped, some people might have things to say about medication but all should acknowledge everyone is different especially regarding medication :)

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There is study Vitamin D affects sleep look on YouTube just google

My son 20 years ikd now takes melatonin

You need to relax before sleep, try Mindfulness Relaxation Technique, the books can be purchased in book shops or Amazon

Have your supper, if any several hours before sleep, go to bed at the same time every night. Watch light viewing before bed, keep away from horror etc, you need to slow down and relax before sleep


Don’t worry about the quantity. I always worried I was not sleeping enough because of that nonsense “we need 8 hours’. We don’t need 8 hours at all. We need what we need. Our work sponsored a sleep expert to support us all with sleep hygiene. Fascinating stuff and really helpful. I’m 50 now. Sleep about 5.5 hours to 6.5 hours on average, keep fit but earlier in the day so I’m calmer at night. Eat very little 2 hours before bed and I only drink decaf tea and coffee during the day now. A little bit of meditation / breathing techniques and I make sure my bedroom is cool as possible (colder the better) and sleep okay. Not as good as the wife who could sleep for England but in the last 18 months I have definitely improved by taking the steps above. Now I’m in the mindset where I tell myself I’m lucky I don’t need 8 hours plus as I have more time to get stuff done. 👍

that sounds great! do you remember the sleep expert that came to your work to give a talk? i wonder if he has online resources.... why is the room as cold as possible before sleeping? any useful sleep hygiene tips?

Hi his name is Dr David Lee. Company is Sleep Unlimited. I think he has a book you can buy on Amazon as well as some online resources. The body sleeps better when it’s cooler. Scientific fact but I guess it’s nice to feel snug as opposed to feeling hot and clammy in bed. That’s definitely how I feel anyway. Good luck 👍

thanks alot!

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