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Depressed and lost

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Hello, I am new here.

I am suffering from Depression and anxiety for several years now. I am on medications and it helped to survive but not to live normal happy life. I am working full time in IT industry, this job require mental power and clarity, I am struggling, disappointed with myself, yet can't control anything.

Recently I started feeling confused, lost, extremely tired and overwhelmed with tasks at work and home, I have two kids and house to take care of. I forgetting things, words, and feel stupid, It seems I can't manage anything, I feel like failure in all areas. All I dream about is to hide somewhere far away from everything. I imagine how nice it would be to be on a quite beach, close the eyes and to float to place where nothing ever bothers me anymore.

Feeling lost and hoping to find exit

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I am sorry. I hope I and others on this forum can help you feel better.

Thank you

Lisan consider explaining how you feel, your Doctor MAY suggest looking at your medications. Take along a list of your problems, this will help you explain what is wrong. Regards the COVID Virus have you been off work looking after your children and now as they seem to be starting school again work and home life must be getting you down and low. Does your Partner not help in your home environment. It sounds like you may have a great deal on in Life


Hi Bob, thank you for your reply. I really didn't take any time off during the pandemic time, I am working from home since March 2020, kids are at home too, the school still not started. My husband is not much emotional support, he does some chores, like cooking, dishes, cleaning sometimes. But he also the one who shakes my mental well-being because he does not understand how is the quiet peaceful atmosphere at home is important for me. He stresses me a lot. and it used to be much worse. I scheduled an appointment with both the family doctor and psychiatrist to discuss my condition. You are right I need to prepare a list of things I want to discuss, as I feel my brain tends to stop working when I need him the most. My relationships with my husband differently contributing to feeling so lost and alone.

Does your husband work full time too?

You have to much on your Mind, does your Husband work at home or office.Your life sounds and in some ways your Husband may wish to visit GP or Specialist with you to discuss the dynamic in your household, The Specialist may suggest that too you.

In my situation when they visit me, my Wife is my Carer, so She is always with me when I go to the Doctors or seen by The Social Team or Specialists. It does help and treatment is more pro-active and helpful as I have mental health concerns also my Short term memory is bad. Generally mental health is best discussed by those around you especially if your homelife is stressed. A general understanding of your Partner will help that dynamic between you.

Have words with your Doctor first and see how it goes.


Maybe we can be friends?

Im new here and feel the same way..Depressed often and lost.

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