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I am suffering from negativity and depression and many more things point is I am not able to forget my past and my mistakes and not able to love anyone in my life I feel jealous all the time I have been married 1 yr back but I regret everyday I am not able to leave also but I am not happy also

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Make an appointment with your GP, take along a note, a list of how you feel and what caused you to move on down the pathway you describe above. You need to come to terms with your errors and move on from there

CBT may help you talk out your problems however it is always up to the Patient to address there problems with the help of a Therapist.

The best way to address your problems is to take each problem and split it into mall bites , approach each nibble and slowly address the problem as a whole, if you get stuck move onto the small bites of another distress or concern and approach that and correct that one and come to terms with that, eventually you will have address most of your problems, you will become stronger as your problems become less and less.

Move on by correcting and coming to terms with past attitudes, fears and distress


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You should be enjoying your relationship and going out, having fun or something like that. you should feel relaxed enough to discuss anything and your relationship problems, sure you can argue but is it enough to make you leave or just different points of view. Be honest and true to yourself - so you feel like surviving in this relationship. I have seen my parents relationship, they argue but trust each other and share life experiences and is strong.

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My relationship is fucked up we keep on blaming each other always and disgracing each other family always and I never got what I wanted

If you are having problems with the relationship you have, also bringing both sides of your families into the situation, I wonder if you may have other problems in your relationships. All this needs to be addressed A Marriage Guidance Councillor may be able to help.

I had several meetings when I was first engaged and it did bring our problems to the fore and brought out a mutual understanding between the two of us. Some of these services are charities, others attached to charities, Also in the past the Roman Catholic Church, in the UK. Your Doctor may know of Organisations in your area


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Finding a great therapist,psychiatrist,psychologist or even a local support group with sponsors is huge to helping mental heath./ourselvesWe cant always do it on our own.I am super stubborn,my way n my self ,kinda chiki n Ive even had to bend more n its made a huge difference.I always say..u need to find"u",without u life becomes about others only, n ur never happy.

Best to u Shilpa08 😊

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Hii thank you but the problem is I have been taking meds from last 5 yrs but my mind is still not positive I always degrade myself I am always jealous and I think bad about people I am very very bad and I only think of suicide then

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Sounds like u should seriously look into a change of meds,as one could be negativity affecting another and be causing all this for ya.

Doesnt sound like ur a very bad person..sounds like ya just need a doc to listen to u,help with ur meds n mental health issues.

Sending a gentle hug ur way.

What your noticing is your patterns and pills can help but breaking patterns is what is necessary and takes a lot of reworking. That’s why people are saying CBT. You’ve been doing the same reactions ( patterns) it takes awhile to rethink and change and notice what’s going on. You also are comfortable blaming yourself for past mistakes like it’s all you are. You are more than the mistakes you’ve done. !! There’s comes a time where you have to allow forgiveness to self and that may take awhile. But it’s not serving you well is it to suffer?? Wouldn’t forgiveness and actually changing patterns make you happy. Divorcing won’t change your self loathing.

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Dear where can I do CBT coz I am so stubborn and I can’t tell you how much I am suffering myself there is no problem in life at all but I am not be able to accept it I am not able to get out of my fantasy’s world I just keep doing guilty and keep blaming myself always

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You GoGo a therapist that does CBT you ask when you call if they do it.

Also I have no love for anyone I think of their dying I am way too selfish

I can also be cold with others around me, in my case it is due to lack of trust because of life past events. As you say we can be stubborn if we are attacked verbally or mentally. So you are not alone

I am trying a different way of looking at my past, As I am getting old now and I need to move on. However I do not share my past events and in a way we can beat ourselves up and that is counterproductive We need to be at peace with ourselves and sometimes I understand people do not wish to understand and just make matters worse. Sometimes it feels people can form a mob and attack this so called weakness


Oh dear I am sure it will be fine but the struggling is so much I just like to talk about myself and keep on talking negative to people but I can’t help it how do I change suddenly and immediately my parents explain me every day but it is just now happening beacuse it’s in my nature and how can some change nature i am so so bad

Over they years I have found keeping my own confidence seems to work, if when talking to people about your problems, many people seem to take this as a weakness and that can lead to many different attitudes where people will alienate you and cause problems for you, The Chattering Classes comes to mind then this concerns you have will spread to others in your group and negative attitudes may make matters worse.

Consider small talk, nothing in particular, let others take the lead and time out something you wish to discuss, let others but in as you keep your own council.

Sometimes been to open about yourself, familiar can cause contempt comes to mind especially if all is about yourself. I seem to be getting quieter as I get older I never talk unless I have something to say, I suppose I have gone the other way and that can irritate just as much especially if we have a Mental health condition


Hii how did you recover

Personally I feel we may never recover, just control and move on.

Sometimes it is quite hard


Thank you people but I constantly keep thinking why didn’t I get what I wanted and my cousin sister did and I feel so jealous and want her bad which makes me bad uff there is so much inside

When someone suffers I like it and I have no friends I don’t feel like talking to anyone and when I see other people life on social media I think that it’s all beacuse of me I have chosen wrong person

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I don’t know what to do I am just not happy and I think I can’t be anymore shoul I suicide

Please help

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Should I seperate or not because I am out of love totally

You have your own needs and expectations in life, try and be comfortable in your own skin. If you feel life is not living to your expectations, site down and consider what your needs are. It is important you listen to yourself, not others around you, however before you go at a problem full felt consider why you are wanting to change that is around you.

If you have fallen out of live consider the reasons why, make lists of why and consider the reasons for your change.

Point is I always keep comparing and my husband is not like my family

I wish things change I am tired of myself

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